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Why BT and Apple for your learning environment?

Why BT and Apple for your learning environment?

We have a deep understanding of Apple products for education

As well as knowing Apple products inside out, our accreditations mean we’ve also got the expertise to help academic customers integrate Apple solutions into their existing infrastructure - and make the most of their investment...

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We have a broad knowledge of the issues facing educators

We’ve over 25 years of experience in supplying education organisations across the UK with IT hardware, software and services. BT works with over 14,000 UK education customers - so we really understand your challenges...

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We’ll work with you to transform teaching and learning

We’re passionate about the way technology can transform teaching and learning, but we understand that every institution’s journey to ICT maturity will be different. Whether you're taking a small step, or a big leap along your journey, we’re here to support you...

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Our joint approach to success in education
Your path to ICT maturity. How BT helps:
Audit your current ICT provision and evaluate your approach focusing on Management, Technology & People
Develop your technology strategy & vision, and understand next steps to make progress
Identify gaps in your ICT provision and areas for development
Formulate a clear action plan, tailored to meet your school or college’s needs
Help you measure and articulate your success to your stakeholder community
  • It's not what you use, it’s the way that you use it
    When it comes to ensuring your Apple-based IT project is a success, BT has got it covered! We believe that the products and technology you choose to buy are just the start of your success story. The true value of your investment can only be fully realised by the way that you use it.
  • BT in education: Helping you along the path to ICT maturity 
    BT aims to help schools and colleges to develop and deliver ICT strategies that transform teaching and learning. But every academic institution is at a different stage on their journey to ICT maturity, with different priorities and different budgets with which to finance their progress. We’ll help you break down this journey into manageable and achievable progressive steps and of course, we’ll work with you every step of the way.
  • Eight Elements for Success: Creating learning environments with Apple
    Apple have taken everything they’ve learned from over 30 years of working with education leaders and wrapped it up into eight elements for successfully creating technology-rich learning environments. These eight elements will help you to envision, plan, implement, and evaluate environments that meet the needs and aspirations of your institution.
Apple’s Eight Elements for Success: Creating learning environments with Apple
  • Vision
    Articulate the 'why' for your learning initiative.
  • Community
    Engage your community so stakeholders understand and support your vision.
  • Student Learning
    Explore and understand new tools and materials to enhance student learning.
  • Environment Design
    Design your infrastructure, management strategies, workflow solutions and physical environments to support learning.
  • Team
    Assemble a leadership team that will own, plan and implement your learning initiative.
  • Measurement
    Establish ways to measure your progress against clear goals.
  • Professional Learning
    Model and support a culture of on-going professional learning.
  • Financial Sustainability
    Identify the expected costs and possible savings over time to ensure long term sustainability of the initiative.

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