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Whatever stage of your Apple journey, BT and can help you. Whether it’s implementing an MDM to help manage your devices, to giving your teachers some additional training; or maybe you’re right at the start and want some help in planning out your strategy. We can provide your Complete Classroom and support you with a full end-to-end solution.

Get everything you need to make Apple devices the perfect fit for your learning environment with Complete Classroom. Empower your educators and help your students take control of their learning with our solution. Whatever your strategy for deploying Apple technology, we can help you create a bespoke solution that makes the most of your investment.

We’ve identified two key barriers to technology being used effectively in the classroom; finance and teacher confidence. Our Apple Complete Classroom solution helps to eliminate both.

Empower your educators with Apple Professional Learning

Apple Professional Learning or APL is a tailored form of CPD that’ll cover topics your teachers and technicians will benefit from at a level and pace designed for them. The only “standard” APL course we offer is Educational Strategic Planning. We highly recommend it for schools who want to deploy a large number of Apple devices in their learning environment. This 2 day course is designed to help you and your school leadership team to outline the vision and goals you have for your students and staff.

There are two types of APL delivery, we offer both. They’ll both support you and your educators depending on where you are with Apple journey.

Apple Professional Learning Providers

Think of this as face-to-face, contextualised Apple Teacher. Your staff can earn the badges they would with the online version but the content is tailored to your school or college. They’ll progress through in-depth and supported learning. If you have teachers who are new to Apple technology or lack confidence this is a great way to get them upskilled. Not only can they go at their own pace, ask questions and learn from someone who’s collected all their badges already, it’ll feel more inclusive and less daunting than self-guided learning that they’d have to try and find time for in their busy teaching and planning schedules.

Apple Professional Learning Specialists

Specialists offer coaching, mentoring and help your school drive innovation on premise. If your leadership team are serious about supporting their Apple investment, invest in this form of APL as a professional learning programme. The aim of these completely bespoke sessions is to help your departments and teams thinking more deeply about transformational teaching. We want to help you aim higher and support you to meet the needs of your staff, students and entire learning environment. Apple Professional Learning will help you make Apple technology part of your school’s strategy and infrastructure. As part of your APL, you’ll hear about the different ways that you can roll out your devices and apps easily and efficiently; as well as how to make management and maintenance less time consuming. Below is a breakdown of the options available to you in more detail.

As part of our Complete Classroom offering we have can put together great solutions to optimise your Apple investment. Below we outline these options in more detail so you can understand how and why they’ll enhance your Apple deployment.

Device Enrolment Plan (DEP)

  • Deployments made simple
  • Zero touch administration
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Integrates with your MDM

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

  • Purchase apps and books in volume
  • Benefit from education discounts
  • Quick and easy to enrol
  • Use your MDM to quickly distribute apps

Apple School Manager (ASM)

Is a simple, web-based portal for school IT administrators to manage people, devices and content

You don’t have to worry about Apple ID in the same way. Apple School Manager lets you automatically create Managed Apple IDs for all students and staff by importing the necessary data. And because Managed Apple IDs are owned and assigned by your organisation, you can easily reset passwords, audit accounts and define roles for everyone in the school.


Is a powerful tool to enhance learning and guide students through lessons

  • Launch a specific app, webpage or iBook on all, or even a specific group of devices
  • Help students stay on task by locking them in one or a couple of apps
  • Use Screen View to see what students are working on
  • Group students to enable collaborative working
  • Navigate to specific content to make it easier to get everyone there at once
  • Reset student passwords from your app with no need to wait for IT
  • Share content on your iPad or share great work from the class by using Classroom with Apple TV
  • Student work is synced at log out and ready for your next lesson
  • Keep focus and engagement by locking or muting devices

Mobile Device Management

A streamlined way to support your devices

An MDM will enable you to integrate your DEP, ASM and VPP all in one location. It supports 1:1 device roll-outs, including supporting a BYOD strategy. And it’ll help you unify the way your devices look and operate. Whichever MDM solution you choose, it’ll help you structure the design of your Apple Classroom roll-out to make it even easier to manage.

Perfect for schools who have or are planning a large device roll-out. MDM solutions are particularly beneficial to multi-academy trusts because you can centrally manage all your devices, whilst still being able to create a more personal profile for each school.

Manage the devices

Streamline admin tasks:

  • Easy remote distribution of Apps, iBooks and course materials
  • Restrictions help maintain the iPads as required
  • Set up Wi-Fi, VPN and email with ease
  • Create classroom lessons
  • Assign devices as shared or 1:1

Monitor your deployment

Clear visibility of the device activity:

  • Clear view of workflow command progress
  • Dashboard view gives an instant view in real-time
  • Monitor the lifecycle of the devices from enrolment to deployment and beyond
  • Easy inventory searching to manage licenses

Secure controls

Ensure safe administration:

  • Devices are initially set up with a suitable level of governance
  • Ongoing management is easier as it follows set up protocols
  • Lost mode protects the device in the event of loss, theft or simply being misplaced
  • It takes just minutes to securely wipe and reset devices

There are a variety of MDM solutions available depending on your specific needs and budget

Cross platform solutions

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  1. 1. We’ve done the sums, and less than £2.50 is a price of £2.35 per student per week. This £2.35 is based upon a class of 30 getting: an iPad 5th Gen, 32GB and rugged case each; all with an extended warranty so they’re covered for 3 years; an MDM license for each iPad for 3 years and a 30 bay charging unit for the iPads. We can also cost up bespoke solutions with additional options like VPP credit and APL days for the 3 years. Any additional cables, Wi-Fi and infrastructure additions or upgrades and associated costs are not included in the per pupil per week pricing of this solution and could incur additional charges. Prices correct for the above solution as of May 2018.

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