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We’ll help you find the operating system (OS) that best suits your learning environment and helps you to achieve your future goals and aspirations for your school, college or university.
Is macOS or iOS the right operating system for you?
You’ll find that a lot of your students and teachers will have iPhones and/or iPads at home and will already be familiar with the iOS interface. This will help to avoid a lot of the issues and difficulties that can occur when introducing a new and unfamiliar OS that neither students nor teachers are confident using. Once your students venture out into the world of work, they’ll most likely be required to work on a device that runs on an Apple OS. Therefore, getting your students familiar with producing high quality work on both macOS and iOS now will provide them with a desirable skillset. This could set them apart from other candidates when applying for jobs in the future.

Alongside the familiarity that macOS and iOS offer, you can also be confident that performance and usability will be consistent across different devices. This is because only Apple makes devices which run macOS and iOS. They’re made by the same manufacturer - exactly the same. This differs from other operating systems which are made to run on devices made by many different manufactures and therefore the quality ranges from device to device. With Apple, you know what you’re getting and won’t get any nasty surprises.
What you can expect...
  • Long lasting
    Apple devices are extremely durable and tend to have a long life span, not to mention fantastic support and customer service.
  • Long battery life
    iPad, MacBook and MacBook Pro all provide up to 10 hours of battery life, while the MacBook Air provides an impressive 12 hours – more than enough to last the full school day.
  • Low maintenance costs
    You always get the latest updates free and they’re available to download the moment they’re released. Your devices even alert you when it’s time to get the latest version.
  • Simple and easy to use
    Easy to navigate interface which is extremely intuitive, with sophisticated features like proactive suggestions, predictive typing, and Siri – your personal assistant.
  • Secure
    Macs are very rarely prone to viruses, while iOS is designed to protect against malware and viruses. Touch ID prevents anyone else accessing your devices and all apps have been vetted by Apple.

Why BT and Apple for your learning environment?

Apple has a wealth of information and support available to you and your students. From high quality apps, to iBooks, to iTunes U. You can access these materials for inspiration and ideas to incorporate into and enhance your own lessons, assignments and lectures. Apple’s collections of books, apps and iTunes U content for a huge variety of subject areas and years have been selected and approved by expert educators, so you can be confident in the quality of the content provided.
apps for
Over 2 million books in the iBooks Store
Over 7,500 courses in
iTunes U

Better quality apps

The app store has an unrivalled amount of apps designed specifically for education. Many apps are designed to work best on iOS because that’s what they’ve been initially designed for. These apps will help you find better ways to teach, organise work and engage your students. All apps on the App Store are vetted by Apple — meaning that they approve the quality, verify that they’re from a legitimate source and ensure that they don’t contain objectionable content. You can rest assured that no apps on the App Store will introduce malware or inappropriate content to your students. There are also a number of high quality free apps included on your Apple devices such as: Photos, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps, and more.


Includes everything you need to teach your class, from core literature to textbooks, provided by respected education publishers and fellow education institutions. You can even create your own materials with iBooks Author on a Mac! iBooks are a fantastic way to enhance traditional learning materials – you can provide highly interactive and media rich iBooks containing images, videos, music, and much more. iBooks enables you to offer more engaging materials to your students and help those who respond better to visual and kinaesthetic learning.

iTunes U

You can create your own courses with iTunes U. You’ll be able to produce interactive content such as books, apps, videos, quizzes and more all in one place, lesson by lesson for your students. Or you can utilise content from thousands of publicly shared courses. For students who require further advanced study, you can assign them to a more difficult course in order to challenge and grow their potential. Or for those who need a little more help, assign extra material to give them more confidence and fill knowledge gaps.
For those of you who have or want to incorporate a flipped learning model, these Apple solutions are a great way to deploy it.
Our top recommended apps for education


Your new teaching assistant

Classroom is a powerful iPad app that helps you guide learning, share work and manage student devices.

  • See what your students see with Screen View
  • Reset forgotten passwords right there in the classroom
  • Share student work on the big screen
  • Administer student assessments
  • Personalise shared iPad’s to each individual student
  • Launch and lock apps with Remote Control

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Swift Playgrounds

Swift code is a powerful programming language created by Apple. It’s easy to use for everyone and anyone! And it’s not just for beginners, it’s incredibly powerful too – some of the world’s most popular apps are created in Swift and it’s used by professional developers every day.

Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary free iPad app that makes learning Swift code interactive and fun for your students. With the built in Learn to Code lessons, your students can use real Swift code, and the multi-touch capabilities of their iPad, to guide a character through a 3D world. It’s extremely easy to use; they simply tap, drag, or type their code on the left and can immediately see the results on the right. They’ll solve puzzles and take on a series of challenges, learning to create more complex code as they advance through the game.

  • Complete set of Apple-designed lessons to teach Swift code, that require no previous coding knowledge
  • Teach code that’s used by professional developers in the real world, every day
  • Solve puzzles using basic Swift code to master the fundamentals of Swift
  • Take on a series of challenges and step up to create more complex code
  • Simply tap, drag, or type text and numbers with the multi-touch capabilities of your iPad
  • Templates are provided that students can use to help create more advanced code
  • Students can easily share their code with you or their peers

Apple also provides ‘Learn to Code’ teacher guides which are available on iTunes. Included in these, you’ll find ideas for lessons and group activities, helping you to teach coding even if you have no previous knowledge. For more advanced users, the ‘Intro to App Development with Swift’ teacher guide will help you to learn the basics of app development and experiment in Xcode, the software used to make apps on your Mac.

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What are the advantages of having all of your devices running on an Apple OS?


One seamless experience on all your devices

iCloud can automatically back up your photos, videos, documents, apps, contacts, calendar events and more — keeping your most important content safe, while freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad. Everything stored in iCloud is easily accessible from any iOS device or Mac. With iCloud, iOS can automatically connect your Apple products to each other, making transitioning between devices easier:

  • Share large files wirelessly between devices with AirDrop; faster and more convenient than email because you can send larger files which are too big for email servers
  • Copy from your iPad and paste into your Mac, or vice versa with Universal Clipboard
  • Wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your TV via Apple TV with AirPlay; stream video, or mirror what’s on yours or your students displays on a big screen
  • Everything is synced, so when you update a document or photo on one device, the latest version appears on all your devices - Handoff lets you start a task on your iPad and finish it on your Mac


Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a simple web-based portal that has everything you need to deploy iPad and Mac in your education organisation. You can automatically create Managed Apple IDs for all students and staff and give them access to iCloud, iTunes U and Shared iPad, while maintaining the control your school needs.

  • Get your school up and running
    A central system which allows your IT managers to create accounts for everyone in the school, define roles and permissions, manage devices, and buy and distribute content right from the start.
  • Set up devices automatically
    Apple have streamlined device setup for both 1:1 and Shared iPad environments. You’ll be able to wirelessly configure settings and restrictions according to your school’s requirements, and then easily assign devices to your students, teachers or class groups.
  • Get the right learning materials to the right classes
    Because all your accounts, devices and their content are in sync, it’s easy for your IT managers to provide classrooms with the right apps, books and learning materials when they need it.
  • Share devices
    Shared iPad allows you to assign any student any shared iPad. They can access their personal content using a password or four-digit PIN. Because data is locally stored on the devices, after they log in, their homework, apps and assignments are exactly as they left them. 

We can help you create an MDM solution that’s the right fit for your learning environment

Maximise your network potential with Apple and Cisco

Whether your campus is better suited to a cloud-hosted environment or an on-premises server. Our solutions offer you flexibility in deciding how to bring Apple devices into your school.
Apple and Cisco work together to deliver a better user experience. You can optimise how your iPads communicate with a Cisco wireless network, helping your students, teachers and staff get the best possible experience. Your iOS devices and Cisco networks recognise each other and provide an optimised connection for your devices, even as you roam on campus. Your iOS devices will “talk” to Cisco networks to determine the best available wireless access points, which they then transition to automatically, without interruption. You can also specify which apps are priorities for your learning environment, ensuring that they always get the best possible bandwidth, even if your network is congested with other traffic. This is ideal in BYOD environments as it makes sure that your education critical apps are not competing for network resource with students’ leisure apps.

Cost Savings
Due to the secure nature of Apple devices, you won’t have to spend money on enhanced security for your devices, or on repairing devices which have become corrupt. As all apps on the App Store are vetted by Apple, they won't introduce malware or inappropriate content to your students or your devices. Macs in their own right are very rarely prone to viruses, while iOS has been designed to protect against malware and viruses. You can also rest assured that you won’t be handing out lots of money on devices that are lost / stolen / missing. Touch ID prevents anyone else accessing your devices, so there’s little risk of them getting stolen. And if one of your Apple devices does go missing, you can sign in at, or use the Find My iPhone app to see your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac on a map.
As well as saving on your own print costs, you can also save money on purchasing textbooks. You can download free apps such as the kindle app, on which you can purchase cheaper or sometimes even free versions of textbooks. And you won’t have to repeat buy them because they’ve got lost or damaged. The App Store also has many interactive education apps which you can download for free that can either replace, or reduce the need for printed textbooks. Many textbooks from major education publishers can now be accessed on iBooks, not to mention books that form part of your curriculum, as well as iBooks created by other teachers - and many are free. Plus, you can create your own books with iBooks Author on your Mac, where you can insert passages from your own textbooks and distribute to the whole class.

Apple can make AV much more affordable for your school. With just the small investment of an Apple TV, you can move from costly e-boards to commercial TVs and save significant amounts of money! You can connect your Apple TV to your HDTV or projector and present from anywhere in the room. You can also use AirPlay to mirror your students’ iPad or Mac screens to your Apple TV, allowing you to highlight and showcase students work to the rest of the class. With the addition of Apple TVs into your learning environment, you can replace your e-boards with a more cost effective and flexible option.

Print can be massively reduced and therefore huge cost savings can be made just by introducing Apple devices to your school. There’ll be no more need for printed worksheets, copies of student work, letters / parent communications etc – this can all be done via iPad and email. ESSA Academy cut their photocopying bill from £80,000 a year to just £15,000 a year by giving all pupils and teachers their own iPad1. Very little is printed as they’ve reduced their stock to practically just admin use. Because of this cost saving, they’ve been able to afford to provide their devices without the need of parent contribution.

Which Apple devices best suit your requirements?

Apple have a versatile portfolio of devices to suit every type of learning
Learning with iPad
If mobility is important to you or you’re after a 1:1 device strategy, the iPad will best suit your needs.

iPad is the ideal mobile device for your students. It’s thin and light, so can easily enable learning to be taken outside of the classroom. It’s also durable, so you can trust your students to take them with them wherever they go and to take their learning materials outdoors. The long battery life ensures they can make use of their device all through the school day, carrying it with them from lesson to lesson. If you have students with different accessibility needs, you can easily change the interface of their iPad to meet their specific needs with a wide variety of settings and accessibility features. You can also have more control over restriction of certain content and functions for all of your students. Many apps are designed to work best on iOS; you can download lots of free Apple-designed apps onto your iPad such as Swift Playgrounds, plus 170,000 other education apps within the App Store. iPad can also easily be used in an offline environment, so your students can create content, read textbooks and use learning apps anywhere and at any time, even without an Internet connection.

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Learning with Mac
If more power is needed for you, or to support your students with intense programmes, then a Mac would be more suited.

If your lessons require a lot of image, video, or audio editing, a Mac will most likely meet your needs best. Macs come packaged with their own powerful editing programs, but also have the capabilities to handle programmes like Photoshop with ease. Certain professions that revolve around video editing, photo editing and graphic design, not to mention coding and programming, tend to heavily involve the use of Macs. Providing your students with these skills now, could really set them apart from their peers in the future. Mac enables you as educators to create deeply engaging and interactive materials for your students to work from. Every Mac comes with powerful apps that'll help you create new ways to teach; Pages, Keynote, iMovie and iBooks Author will allow you to make your content more compelling and capture the attention of your students. MacOS enables you and your students to be your most productive. Powerful built in tools for the classroom such as  Split View, Mission Control and Spotlight let you take on multiple projects at once.

More info

Learning with Apple
For most learning environments, we’d recommend a combination of both iPad and Mac, alongside Apple TV.

Together, these Apple devices allow you to meet every learning need and to create a more collaborative culture. Teachers and students can share what’s on their iPad devices or Mac with the whole class by file sharing and even mirroring through AirDrop and Apple TV. Students can start their class assignments by conducting their research on their iPad, then continue writing their content on a Mac; utilising the extra productivity features and additional power so they can work faster.

Apple Professional Learning
Once you’ve made your investment, we can help you to fully exploit the benefits, starting with educating your educators.

Via access to a network of UK-wide Apple Professional Developers (all either current or former educators), we’ll help you embed the use of Apple devices in the classroom. You’ll not only become familiar with the features of Apple devices and apps, but you’ll also learn how they can be applied to improve your teaching and learning experience. You’ll be shown first-hand how the devices can improve productivity, collaboration and sharing, so that your teachers and students get more done, more easily. We can help you understand how devices and apps can support learners in improving key skills and use devices and apps to bring curriculum based learning to life. This approach not only uses the technology you’ve invested in to actively enhance learning, but it also helps your teachers with their CPD (continuing professional development), something many of you feel you aren’t given sufficient time for in your roles.

For further advice on which device would best suit your requirements, or on how to create a full Apple solution...

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