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Why have I received a credit instead of a replacement item?

Read on if you'd like to know....

  • Why you've received a credit after you returned a faulty item, but were expecting a replacement product.

In Brief...

  • If you returned a something using our on line returns system, you'll receive a "credit note" as we accept the returned item back into our warehouse.
  • This is merely confirmation that we've received the item back, and shows that the funds are being held on your account until we ship the replacement.
  • A replacement product will be shipped shortly after and you don't need to do anything.

Further information...

If you returned a something and requested a refund, this will be shown at the bottom of the credit note we sent. We will usually refund the original payment method you used.

If you think your replacement product is taking too long to arrive, please contact us using the link below under "Need Further Assistance" to request a refund to your credit card in the interim.

If you have an account with us, your account will be credited and a second invoice will be raised for the replacement using the same purchase order number as the original order. If you've not asked for a replacement product your account will simply be credited and the amount will be deducted from what you owe us.


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