Wow-Factor Workplace: Jabra’s Head Office

In our recent ‘Wow-Factor Workplace’ campaign, we explore the various ways organisations can get the workplace of the future with BT Business Direct. From meeting rooms, to lobbies, to offices and break-out areas; we can help with your IT strategy in all areas of your organisation.

With over 35,000 products in our IT portfolio, we explore how our wide range of products and services can fit into the modern workplace, in order to create a more impressive, diverse, productive, and efficient work environment.

Jabra Evolve 65 (pictured)
Benefits of a modern workplace:
  • Productive – employees can get more done in a space that inspires them to work smarter and come up with new ideas
  • Diverse – introduce new ways of working for the versatile types of workers you employ, as many people work differently
  • Flexible – make it easier for employees and visitors to use systems when working with the right tech; allow them to reach new heights
  • Mobile – create an environment that allows employees to work anywhere
  • Employee engagement – make the workplace a place employees want to be

In our ‘Wow-Factor’ campaign, we also take a look at how Jabra’s audio products can fit into the modern workplace and increase efficiency for workers. Products include the Jabra Evolve headset series and Jabra Speak conferencing solutions.

Combat distractions in an open office

An ‘open-plan’ office space minimises the use of small, enclosed rooms like office cubicles, and opens up the floor. With a mix of dedicated desk space and ‘hot-desking’ for ultimate flexibility, open offices usually mean increased efficiency; including having everything closer to your desk.

Jabra Evolve series for your office
Jabra Evolve 65 (pictured)

The Evolve 65 series allows you to reduce unwanted noise with premium noise-cancelling technology. The integrated busy light signal lets others know when you’re on a call, for less disruption to your important conversations. For ultimate efficiency, you can easily connect these headsets to your PC, tablet or smartphone with the USB 3.5mm jack (Evolve 80) or wirelessly via Bluetooth (Evolve 65). Rest assured, you’ll stay productive, enjoy high-quality conversations with clients or customers, and always be on top of your workload with the Jabra Evolve series.

Jabra Speak conferencing solutions for your meeting rooms
Jabra Speak 510 (pictured)
Meeting rooms are where some of your teams’ best ideas are thought up

Did you know that 18 full working days a year are spent in meetings? With this in mind, you should have the right tech available in order to take your meetings further. Reach new heights in your work, and impress clients and employees at the same time.

You can turn any room into a conference room with the Speak 510 range. Just easily connect the portable device to your PC, tablet or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, and stay productive with up to 15 hours talk-time on a single charge. It’s suitable for meetings of up to 4 people and the 360° microphone picks up sounds from all angles. Everyone’s voice is heard, when it matters most.

Need some inspiration for your workplace? Take a tour of Jabra’s head office, located in Langley, Berkshire…

Photo courtesy of Jabra
Photo courtesy of Jabra
Photo courtesy of Jabra
Photo courtesy of Jabra
Photo courtesy of Jabra
Photo courtesy of Jabra

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Jabra for allowing us to look around their head office. We’re definitely impressed!

Are you ready to impress your visitors and employees with your ‘Wow-Factor’ workplace? Click here to visit our mini-site!

View the Jabra Speak 510 range here

View the Jabra Evolve Series here

If you’d like to know more about our wide range of IT products for your ‘Wow-Factor’ workplace, please give us a call for free, no obligation advice. Our friendly BT Business Direct IT specialists are happy to help you. Call 0870 429 3010.

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