Windows 8 Update

Windows 8 MetroA few weeks ago we introduced the latest Windows 8 details and features as announced at the D8 conference. Since the Microsoft BUILD event which took place on 13th September, more details have surfaced regarding the operating system. No doubt we’ll be seeing more developments arise over the coming months until its release mid 2012.

Windows 8 is built on the foundation of Windows 7, delivering improvements in performance, security, privacy and system reliability.

The new operating system is introducing a new Metro style interface built for touch, for simplicity and control. Users will also be able to operate the interface from home with a mouse and keyboard. Metro style apps built for Windows 8 are the overall focal point of the user experience. The different apps communicate with each other within Windows 8 so the user can easily select and email photos from different places, such as Facebook and Flickr or from the system hard drive.

The user experience also syncs across devices. Cloud services that are frequently used such as email, photos, calendar and contacts are kept up to date automatically. SkyDrive allows users to access files, photos and documents from virtually anywhere with any browser or via the new apps.

Providing a seamlessly touch-browsing experience, Internet Explorer 10 puts sites at the centre on new Windows 8 devices.

New developers will be pleased to hear that there will be a Windows Store allowing them to sell their apps anywhere Windows is sold worldwide, whether their creations are new games or familiar productivity tools. Windows 8 will also allow developers to leverage their existing skills and code assets to create great experiences using the programming language they prefer. Attendees at BUILD also received a Samsung prototype PC with Windows Developer Preview to aid them in creating and testing apps. Developers can now test the beta version of Windows 8 which became available on the 14th September

Other features include:

  • Enhanced Task Manager and Windows Explorer
  • DirectX 11 gaming power underlies Windows 8
  • Support for ARM-based chipsets, x86 (as well as x32 and x64) devices, touch and sensors means Windows 8 works beautifully across a spectrum of devices, from 10-inch tablets and laptops to all-in-ones with 27-inch high-definition screens.
  • New ultrathin PCs and tablets turn on instantly, run all day on a single charge and stay connected to the Internet so your PC is ready when you are
  • Windows 8 runs on PCs and is compatible with the devices and programs you use today on Windows 7, without compromise

What is the most attractive feature of Windows 8 that you have come across so far?

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