What’s new with Windows Server 2016?

We all know that Microsoft is not one to shy away from innovation when designing new products, and they certainly didn’t hold back this time with the release of the new Windows Server 2016, the world’s largest cloud datacentre.

The new server has many ground-breaking features that are designed to increase your businesses efficiency through software-defined networking, enhanced security from multiple layers of built-in protection, and an all new Nano Server created to reduce resource usage at an affordable price.

What can the Windows Server 2016 do for your business?

  • Bring flexibility and control to your datacentre whilst lowering costs with software-defined compute, storage and networking.
  • Help prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity with multiple layers of built-in protection.
  • Introduce the lightweight Nano Server designed to increase availability and reduce resource usage.
  • Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage at a cost-efficient price.

Ultimate security for your business


With the Windows Server 2016 you can further safeguard against security breaches through new layers of advanced protection built into the operating system; these layers are built to help prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity where it matters.

Use Shielded Virtual Machines that can help protect your virtual machines from a compromised fabric, as well as improve your compliance. Shielded Virtual Machines are encrypted using BitLocker and will run on healthy hosts.

The new Credential Guard helps guard administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks; a hacking technique that allows an attacker to authenticate to a remote server/service; which is extremely important for businesses as all data is extremely valuable. A more enhanced level of protection is found on the Windows Server 2016, which helps protect all of your on-premises or cloud ran applications, ensuring only trusted software is run on the server with Device Guard.

Memory corruption attacks will be a thing of the past with the usage of Control Flow Guard, and known malware will no longer present a threat with the Windows Defender optimised for server roles.

With the help of the Windows Server 2016’s security features, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your data is no longer at risk- so business can continue smoothly.

Modernise your apps



Changing to a whole new server can be a massive task and something not every business wants to take on. Microsoft has made it much easier to upgrade and switch over to the new Windows Server 2016. Most businesses are grappling with how to manage and update thousands of existing applications while planning how to move to this new world. Businesses need a solution that helps to invigorate existing applications and create new, cloud-native applications; Windows Server 2016 can do both. Windows Server helps you secure and modernize existing enterprise .NET and line-of-business server apps with little or no code changes, which is great for businesses as there’s little to no down-time, meaning business can continue as usual.

You can combine the benefits of containers with Nano Server, Azure Service Fabric and Windows Server for true business agility in cloud-native apps.

Learn more about the Nano Server here:

Drive efficiency in your business

If a major goal is to gain scale without adding more cost, one strategy is the appropriate use of automation. IT organisations need to accommodate a growing number of business requests while maintaining existing applications and infrastructure. Organisations that have already wrung all available cost savings from server virtualisation can consider virtualising networking and storage. By doing so, they can reduce costs with less expensive hardware, eliminate complexity, and gain the ability to manage by policy, automation, and orchestration, versus manual and static configurations.

What’s the verdict?

New features and improvements that are on offer, including the Shielded Virtual Machines, Credential Guard, the unprecedented new Nano Server, and Hyper-V containers increase business security and flexibility. Windows Server 2016 is a huge advancement from previous Windows servers and will help all types of organisations with the many features that are available.


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