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Wanted: IT workers for small businesses

IT workers wantedThere’s some new research doing the rounds showing that there’s an increasing demand for IT workers in the private sector.  According to a study by Metaskil, demand for IT candidates has gone up nearly 40 per cent in private companies compared with three years ago.

So does this mean that private sector investment is actually up? If it does there are two pieces of good news to celebrate. Firstly, it could be a positive sign for the UK tech industry which has been criticised for reducing graduate places. Secondly, and perhaps more significantly for small businesses, it means that businesses understand the need to make technology a priority in their organisation.

With around 50 per cent of IT placements in the private sector in business analysis and solutions architecture, it is clear that companies are keen to use IT to teach them more about their business, gaining insight that may well give them a competitive edge.

The other way to view the research is, of course, that public sector recruitment is now so low that proportionally private sector recruitment is up. It’s one of those glass half empty, half full dilemmas….

So what do you think? Are you seeing a need for more IT people in your business sector? Which roles are you most keen to hire for, if any? We’d love to hear your views.


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