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How you and your employees sit, type, swipe, point and click can affect daily performance and health…

Improperly designed workspaces can cause a wide number of issues including back and neck pain, fatigue, and even debilitating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs).These issues can massively slow down the productivity of your staff . From extreme issues that cause employees to take more sick days, to less obvious things such as fatigue, which cause employees to be generally less productive. Microsoft designs ergonomic mice and keyboards that work seamlessly with the body’s natural posture and functions. This helps you spend long periods of time at your computer in more comfort. Whether your people use their PC for an hour or an entire day, comfort and productivity are paramount. The Sculpt range of Microsoft mice and keyboards revolutionises both.

Productivity benefits

Shaped to encourage a more natural and relaxed position.

Helps to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Integrated Windows touch tab on Sculpt Mice provides quick and easy access to Windows.

The split spacebar on the Sculpt Keyboard range is designed to improve typing efficiency.

Microsoft Sculpt Range

Ergonomic keyboards & mice

Sculpt Comfort Desktop – £39.99 ex VAT

With its contoured design, customizable features that easily adjust to your needs, and a specially designed, right-handed mouse, Sculpt Comfort Desktop transforms the way you use a keyboard and mouse. It helps you keep your wrists in a neutral position, while providing functionality and shortcuts that improve typing efficiency.


Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop – £58.33 ex VAT

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is built on advanced ergonomic principles, with a split keyboard layout that keeps wrists and forearms in a relaxed position, and a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support. The domed keyboard shape works to reduce and correct wrist pronation that can cause pain and limited mobility.



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