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Reach new heights with HP and STEAM learning

Learning Studios are a great example of STEAM learning in action. They’re designed to engage students in memorable and valuable learning experiences.

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Enhance learning by turning STEM into STEAM

For over a decade, STEM programmes have been widely discussed in schools and by education thought leaders. But recently, a new movement has taken over. The addition of an “A” – the move from STEM to STEAM – and the suggestion that the arts should be incorporated into the cross-curricular learning model, has caused controversy.

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Collaborate and Educate

Collaboration can be the key to student engagement and success

In the workplace of the future, collaboration is going to have a big part to play. More and more work will become multi-disciplined and therefore will involve working collaboratively with people who have skills in different fields. According to the National Careers Service1, employees are looking for – and lacking- candidates with skills such as decision making, flexibility, and problem-solving; all skills which can be developed and nurtured through collaborative learning. It seems that currently, schools just aren’t preparing their students with these sought after collaboration skills. Of a number of teachers surveyed –

  • 95% said that the ability to collaborate is important and second only to problem-solving skills2
  • 91% believe that educators need to formally learn how to foster collaborative skills2
  • 87% believe that learning how to collaborate should be included in the curriculum2

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