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How can technology empower educators?

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With the increasing demand for lessons that truly inspire and engage students, educators are under more pressure than ever before. It’s become paramount to explore new ways of delivering lesson content and prepare students for a future where technology skills won’t just be desired, they’ll be essential for career success.

Naturally, more educators are looking to incorporate technology in the classroom to ensure their students are work ready. But it’s important that educators themselves are comfortable with using technology and don’t need to rely too much on the IT department to get them up and running.

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App of the week – Nearpod

Name: Nearpod

Age: All ages

Available on: app on everything or log in through browser


Make planning your lessons easier and quicker with Nearpod

In fact, you may not even have to plan a lesson at all. Nearpod provides thousands of lesson plans, pre-made ready for teachers to use and they’re all editable so you can add, change and remove content to suit your class needs. With lesson plans covering all subjects for all ages, you’ll soon find Nearpod to be your favourite app. Continue reading App of the week – Nearpod

App of the week – Drawp for school

Name: Drawp for school
Age:  Any age
Available on: iPad and Android


Drawp is an exciting creativity tool with built-in collaboration, cloud storage, and workflow management. Drawp makes learning more exciting with interactive design features. Students can turn any homework, classwork or assignment into a fun, creative activity with features like drawing, painting, voice stickers and text.

Teachers can use the app to create tasks, assignments and work. And, share them with students. Students can then complete the work which teachers can then mark and share again.

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