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App of the week – Socrative

Name: Socrative

Age: Anyone

Available on: Everything – log in through browser

Socrative is a web-based application that allows teachers to quickly create discussions, quizzes and assess their students learning and knowledge. It also means you can introduce tech to your classrooms with tablets, iPads or BYO devices.

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App of the week – Kahoot!

Name: Kahoot

Age: 6+

Available on: On the web, iOS and Android

Download from: App Store and Google Play

Kahoot! is a great new way to make learning more engaging. ‘Kahoots’ are fun learning games that you can create in minutes. You can enter a series of multiple-choice questions, add videos, images and diagrams and create engaging new games for in the classroom. Besides building your own Kahoots, you can search through millions of existing games that cover topics like English comprehension, Maths and Science, to name a few.

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