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Get serious about security: Refresh your devices

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Consider a device refresh for enhanced security

The end of extended support for Windows 7 is less than two years away, so if you’re still running it, perhaps now’s the time to think about upgrading.

Moving to Windows 10 Pro on modern devices will give your staff the best possible Windows experience yet – as well as upping the ante when it comes to boosting security. A refresh means your business will profit from all the security benefits that Windows 10 Pro has to offer, as well the additional security features that device manufacturers have built into their modern device ranges.

What’s new and improved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro?

There’s a whole host of new and improved features you can benefit from when you upgrade from Windows 7 to devices running Windows 10 Pro. Here are a few of the things not available on Windows 7 that can help your business stay protected from security threats, effortlessly:

Windows Hello – With Windows 10 Pro, your staff won’t have to remember passwords – they’re the password. Windows Hello1 is the fastest, most secure way to unlock their new device. It uses their face or fingerprint for authentication, and greets them with a friendly ‘hello’. Plus it works on apps and Microsoft Edge websites.

Windows Information Protection – On Windows 10 Pro, you can use Windows Information Protection to control how your staff are using business data. For example, you can stop customer or financial data being copied into social media apps. This means your data is protected, but productivity won’t be affected.

BitLocker + BitLocker To Go – Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro gives you peace of mind around security. And a lost or stolen device doesn’t mean you’ll lose your data along with it. BitLocker + BitLocker To Go encrypts data on your device’s hard drive and even on USB drives, protecting your business information.

You can find out more about Windows 10 Pro on our Microsoft hub: https://www.businessdirect.bt.com/mini-sites/microsoft/windows-10-pro

Recommended devices

If you’re considering an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, a device refresh is an easy way to do this. We have a huge range of devices available from the world’s leading vendors, but here are a couple of options that run Windows 10 Pro and have their own security features too:

HP Elite range

Running on Windows 10 Pro, HP Elite PCs have built in security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and use. The Elite range has a number of features designed to keep your business secure:

• Protect against visual hacking with HP Sure View
• Fortify your security with HP Multi-Factor Authenticate
• Stop malware shutting down critical tasks with HP Sure Run
• Prevent malicious attacks while browsing with HP Sure Click
• Restore your PC via a network connection with HP Sure Recover
• Detect, protect and restore from BIOS attacks with HP Sure Start

Dell Latitude 7000 series

Dell’s Latitude 7000 series is thinner and lighter than ever, with powerful processing to help you take on any task your working day has in store. But advanced data protection and encryption features, Windows 10 Pro OS, and clever authentication options make this range a solid choice when it comes to security too.

What next?

For more information on how we can help with a device refresh, or with your security strategy, contact our team of IT specialists on 0870 429 3010.

1. Windows Hello requires specialised biometric hardware

Why Microsoft for GDPR?

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In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations is due to take effect. As said in our ‘What is GDPR?’ blog, everyone must comply or you could face significant fines.

There are many ways you can secure your network and devices on your journey to becoming GDPR compliant. Microsoft has an extensive expertise in protecting data, privacy and complying with regulations. They currently comply with both EU-U.S Privacy Shield and EU Model Clauses. Microsoft can help you to focus on your core business while efficiently preparing for the GDPR.

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What is GDPR?

 Google gets access to 4% of total visible sites on the Internet while the remaining 96% is said to be the Deep web also known as TOR, a place for hackers and people who do illegal activities’1

Think about the above quote for a second, when it’s sunk in, you’ll realise how much we can actually access the internet.

Now think about what could be in the ‘Deep web’. Would you like all your clients’ data to ‘get lost’ in there? No, neither would we.

Reasons like this are why the GDPR has been put in place. To keep everyone’s personal data safe. Including our own.

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