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The New Microsoft Studio – An Innovation in Technology

How to describe the new Surface Studio from Microsoft;

Sophisticated, Elegant, Powerful, Revolutionary.

Let me take you through some of the features that make the Surface Studio such an incredible innovation. Microsoft claimed to ‘turn your desk into a studio’ – and boy did they deliver!

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Plan your technology refreshes to fit your long-term IT strategy

Over summer, academic organisations get their new, larger technology refreshes organised so that these projects are ready for the new school year and cause minimal disruption to teachers and students. However, a good technology refresh is planned in advance, as part of a larger IT strategy and with the support of the wider school community; teachers, support staff, students, governors, and parents.

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Collaborate and Educate

Collaboration can be the key to student engagement and success

In the workplace of the future, collaboration is going to have a big part to play. More and more work will become multi-disciplined and therefore will involve working collaboratively with people who have skills in different fields. According to the National Careers Service1, employees are looking for – and lacking- candidates with skills such as decision making, flexibility, and problem-solving; all skills which can be developed and nurtured through collaborative learning. It seems that currently, schools just aren’t preparing their students with these sought after collaboration skills. Of a number of teachers surveyed –

  • 95% said that the ability to collaborate is important and second only to problem-solving skills2
  • 91% believe that educators need to formally learn how to foster collaborative skills2
  • 87% believe that learning how to collaborate should be included in the curriculum2

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