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What is GDPR?

Google gets access to 4% of total visible sites on the Internet while the remaining 96% is said to be the Deep web also known as TOR, a place for hackers and people who do illegal activities’1

Think about the above quote for a second, when it’s sunk in, you’ll realise how much we can actually access the internet.

Now think about what could be in the ‘Deep web’. Would you like all your clients’ data to ‘get lost’ in there? No, neither would we.

Reasons like this are why the GDPR has been put in place. To keep everyone’s personal data safe. Including our own.

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App of the week – Endless Learning Academy

Name: Endless Learning Academy

Age: 2-6 years old

App available on: App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store

Introduce learning to younger students with the lovely little Endless monsters. Your pupils will have the chance to learn across broad and growing curriculums whilst having fun. There are lots of interactive puzzles that let your pupils see, hear and feel words and concepts come to life. And, there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. So your students can interact with the app at their own pace.

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Enhance learning by turning STEM into STEAM

For over a decade, STEM programmes have been widely discussed in schools and by education thought leaders. But recently, a new movement has taken over. The addition of an “A” – the move from STEM to STEAM – and the suggestion that the arts should be incorporated into the cross-curricular learning model, has caused controversy.

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