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The business case behind mobile working

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Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives – and our work is no different.

Businesses have been quick to adopt new technology, with a significant shift in focus towards mobile working. Attitudes around mobile working have evolved too; more bosses are seeing how it can have a positive impact on productivity, profits, employee engagement and the capability to grow.

Enablement is now the name of the game. This means that businesses want their staff to get their work done as easily as possible, using technology that works for them. In turn, bosses have to approach investment in IT kit differently, and more of them are recognising the business case behind mobile working.

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The New Microsoft Studio – An Innovation in Technology

How to describe the new Surface Studio from Microsoft;

Sophisticated, Elegant, Powerful, Revolutionary.

Let me take you through some of the features that make the Surface Studio such an incredible innovation. Microsoft claimed to ‘turn your desk into a studio’ – and boy did they deliver!

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App of the week – Kahoot!

Name: Kahoot

Age: 6+

Available on: On the web, iOS and Android

Download from: App Store and Google Play

Kahoot! is a great new way to make learning more engaging. ‘Kahoots’ are fun learning games that you can create in minutes. You can enter a series of multiple-choice questions, add videos, images and diagrams and create engaging new games for in the classroom. Besides building your own Kahoots, you can search through millions of existing games that cover topics like English comprehension, Maths and Science, to name a few.

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