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App of the week – Nearpod

Name: Nearpod

Age: All ages

Available on: app on everything or log in through browser


Make planning your lessons easier and quicker with Nearpod

In fact, you may not even have to plan a lesson at all. Nearpod provides thousands of lesson plans, pre-made ready for teachers to use and they’re all editable so you can add, change and remove content to suit your class needs. With lesson plans covering all subjects for all ages, you’ll soon find Nearpod to be your favourite app. Continue reading App of the week – Nearpod

App of the week – Book Creator

Name: Book Creator

Age:  Any age

Available on: iPad and Chrome

Book creator gives teachers and students the opportunity to create their own books, catalogues, magazines and more. Teachers can create a book or magazine, for example, artist research. Share the book with the class and give them questions to answer or ask them to make their own artist research piece.

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App of the week – Kahoot!

Name: Kahoot

Age: 6+

Available on: On the web, iOS and Android

Download from: App Store and Google Play

Kahoot! is a great new way to make learning more engaging. ‘Kahoots’ are fun learning games that you can create in minutes. You can enter a series of multiple-choice questions, add videos, images and diagrams and create engaging new games for in the classroom. Besides building your own Kahoots, you can search through millions of existing games that cover topics like English comprehension, Maths and Science, to name a few.

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