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Start-up Advice: Where to Look Online

web researchSince the Government announced measures to fuel “Startup Britain” there’s been a 25% increase in internet searches for start-up advice, according to credit reference agency Experian. This is definitely a good sign. The more curious people are about new entrepreneurial opportunities, the better for the UK economy as a whole.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I tried searching for ‘start a business’ on a search engine. There were plenty of decent resources including Business Zone, ByteStart and Startups amongst the top ranking, all of which offer plenty of advice to the UK’s budding entrepreneurs.

After a little more research it became obvious to me that not everyone thinks UK startup resources are up to scratch. Startup business Huddlebuy has said the Government’s online resource centre Business Link would have more value as a social networking community, making it far less costly to maintain.

While community-based information can play a role in helping new entrepreneurs get up and running, those looking for advice should go beyond search engines and use all of the support at their disposal. This includes face-to-face networking events and social media such as forums, blogs and Linkedin groups. These resources will often give details, advice and leads that you can’t get from polished online articles.

If you’re not sure what path to follow in the social media labarynth this list of the top 25 most influential people tweeting about entrepreneurship could be a good starting point. Although US based, it gives a flavour of the trends heading this way and provides buckets of inspiration for anyone new to the small business “scene”.

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