SonicWall are capturing the world’s latest malware so you can Fear~Less

If you need proof of how effective SonicWall’s Capture Lab is then look no further than the recent malware attacks that hit the UK. WannaCry Ransomware attacked in May and NotPetya hit the UK in the last month. Both of these malware attacks caused catastrophic damage to many organisations including the NHS. Now, with recent information stating that the attacks on the NHS could have been easily avoided, it is so important, now more than ever, to make sure you are protected. With that in mind, many SonicWall customers with active security subscriptions were largely unaffected.

Why were they unaffected?

Customers were protected because SonicWall had identified and created signatures for all exploits of the SMB vulnerability, as well as early versions of WannaCry, weeks in advance. Any of their customers with active Gateway Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention Systems (GAV/IPS) services received those signatures automatically. Thereby blocking the ransomware variant and the worm which spread across the globe. This was made possible by SonicWall’s Capture Lab, it gathers millions of samples of malware in order to protect their customers from the latest threats.

In 2016, SonicWall’s Capture Labs Threat Research processed over 60 million¹ unique pieces of malware that were previously unknown. The results of this work created countless signatures and other countermeasures that protected customers from the latest attack.


Capture more. Fear Less with SonicWall
Capture more. Fear Less with SonicWall

So where does SonicWall get all these malware samples?

With over 1 million sensors² placed around the world, SonicWall’s Capture Labs Research Team receives the largest amount of data from real customer traffic. Their SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service is a network that runs suspicious code to find unknown malicious code. SonicWall say that business networks will encounter an average of 28 new, ‘zero-day threats’ over a calendar year³. A zero-day threat is when a security vulnerability in a business network is found and exploited by malware. Capture ATP is designed specifically to prevent this.

SonicWall participate in numerous industry collaboration efforts such as the Microsoft MAPP program so their researchers receive new verified threats before the public. SonicWall also actively engage in several international threat research communities and freelance researchers so their in-house team possesses samples of uncommon attacks and vulnerabilities.

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