Plantronics’ most advanced noise-cancelling headset

The headset that’s ready to work everywhere, just like you.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC


Key features:
  • Bluetooth connectivity – perfect for workers on the move
  • WindSmart® technology – eliminates disruptive noise
  • 6 layers of noise-cancelling technology – crystal clear sound on both ends, even in noisy or windy environments
  • Stay in control of your apps – use your voice to activate apps such as Cortana and Google Now*
  • So comfortable, you may forget it’s even there

When it comes to working on the move, it’s sometimes difficult to juggle several devices at once– but it’s something that has to be done in order to stay productive. That’s why Plantronics have designed a headset with several features that mean you don’t even have to lift a finger to answer calls anymore. By using voice commands, headset users can summon business apps without having to consult their PC or mobile first.

Simply say “Answer” or “Ignore” to manage calls


One of the main attractions for users of the Voyager 5200 headset is the caller ID and voice answer feature that means you can actually manage calls without consulting your device or headset first. Designed for professionals working away from the office or those whose hands are occupied by typing, or even manufacturing, the headset works with voice controls to manage the device; increasing productivity without you having to lift a finger.

As well as the efficiency to answer or reject calls with your voice, buttons on the device are optimised to instantly launch business apps such as Google Now, Cortana (the popular Windows 10 digital personal assistant), or Siri*; you can send messages, schedule meetings, or even search the web from your headset.

Noise-cancelling & WindSmart® technology


Do you work in a noisy office? Is your workplace located outdoors? Are your important business calls sometimes interrupted by difficult weather conditions?

Well, now you can work seamlessly in your noisy working environment without background disruptions affecting the caller on the other end. Noise-cancelling technology allows headset users to reduce unwanted background sounds using active noise control, in order to keep important business calls professional and crystal clear. The four adaptive microphones work with WindSmart® technology to eliminate background noise so you can transition between different working environments.

The ‘rugged’ features of the Voyager 5200UC means users can use this headset in factories, outside in wet conditions with the P2i nano-coated moisture-resistant design, or in windy environments. Perfect for busy workers, the headset operates up to 98 feet of range from the supported smartphone or laptop with the Bluetooth USB adapter.

Turn ‘mute’ on or off with ease


 It’s simple – press the dedicated ‘mute’ button to switch mute on or off. If you’re at your laptop or smartphone whilst your mic is muted, desktop notifications will pop up to warn you, or a visual mute indicator on the BT600 Bluetooth USB adapter will signify that mute is activated.

Away from your device? Timed voice alerts will also remind you when ‘mute’ is still on. You don’t need to worry about accidentally saying something you wish you hadn’t on an important business call again.

Comfort for all-day headset use


 The Voyager 5200UC is tested on several ear types in order to create an ergonomic shape that fits the majority of ears. The headset is designed to be worn all-day, so it’s important that users have the comfort needed to do so.

Wait! There’s more…


As well as accessories such as the USB Bluetooth adapter and portable charging case with an integrated docking stand for up to 14 extra hours of power, the Voyager 5200UC is also equipped with software-enabled functionality.

You can use the Plantronics Hub** mobile app to locate your lost headset, change languages, wirelessly update firmware, or personalise settings and alerts. The Plantronics Hub desktop software allows you to view the headset battery meter, change languages, update firmware, enable softphone call control, or personalise settings and alerts.

WindSmart® Technology is designed with 6 layers of noise-cancelling design; take a look below:

*Requires supporting operating systems

**Optimised for Windows & Mac operating systems

For more product information on the Voyager 5200UC, click here

If you’re interested in learning more about the Plantronics Voyager 5200UC for your business, call our friendly IT specialists today on 0870 429 3010. We’re happy to assist you with any queries.

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