Multi-function gadgets

Multi-function gadgets: Can you think of the ultimate hybrid?

Multi-function gadgetsFrom technologies such as the scanner mouse to the Smartpen, it seems that we have landed in the age of the multi-function gadget. While these innovations are helpful and make those daily mundane tasks in our everyday lives a bit more exciting, we (the blog team) can’t help but wonder: What else could we mould into a multi-function model, making the ultimate hybrid?

This is what we came up with:

A printer laptop: Just think if you had a laptop that made printing easy, right then and there (and you wouldn’t even have to get up to retrieve the paper!).

Microwave TV: We all know how boring it can be watching food in the microwave, but now you don’t have to. Just flick to your favourite show or even the news and sit back and enjoy the TV, straight from the microwave. There’s some food for thought…

A tablet charging doc: Imagine if your tablet also doubled as a wireless charging dock? This means that you could charge your phone and other gadgets on the go, and without any cables or hassle.

Desktop Scanner: If you could scan documents straight from your desktop, you would save an incredible amount of time. Plus, you could do it from the comfort of your own chair.

Projector with popcorn maker: Just what every projector needs. Think how much more enjoyable meetings would be, if they came suited with popcorn – straight from the projector. This is a good way to utilize the heat that projectors already produce and an even better way to keep employees smiling. This can work in a home cinema environment too, of course.

Can you come up with the ultimate multi-function gadget? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


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