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Just drag and share with LG’s Scanner Mouse LSM-100 –

LG Scanner MouseThe first ever computer mouse was invented in 1963, a dark metallic square prototype with mechanical wheels (not a mouse ball) that made contact with the working surface in order to move the on-screen cursor.

Fast forward to the present and we see mice that have USB capability, models that are wireless, host multiple buttons and even mice that are specifically designed for gaming. While the evolution of the mouse has been somewhat slower over recent years,  this new innovation by LG could be the start of something special.

LG have come up with the first ever scanner mouse in the form of the LSM-100. With the click of a button it turns from a standard wired mouse into a fully-functioning 300dpi scanner. The mouse works in real time so that as you scan, you see the image appearing onscreen as you drag it. The obvious benefit of the mouse is reduced workspace clutter and not having to depend on using shared scanners or multifunction printers away from your desk.

After scanning an image, the OCR software allows users to edit text and figures with the mouse through MS Excel and Word programmes. It is a great business tool in terms of time efficiency as the user can easily capture and alter data from a single scan, all at the click of a button. The user is also able to send scanned files straight to their Smartphone which may come in handy if you needed to rush off to a meeting and needed to view an image or important document from your mobile.


  • Mouse Mode: HID-compliant, 1200 cpi / Laser Class 1
  • Mouse Controls: 5 Buttons with scroll wheel and Scan button
  • Scan Engine: Patent-pending Dacuda® SLAM Scan® Technology
  • Scan Image: High quality (up to 300 dpi, colour)
  • Text recognition (OCR)

What other features would you like to see on upcoming mouse models? Do you see this particular model saving you time and costs?
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