HP Workstations and Thin Clients with AMD Technology

Push your computing boundaries with AMD FirePro™ graphics and HP hardware.


HP Thin Clients

Benefits for business users

  • Powerful and seamless desktop experience, enhanced security, and premium client virtualization
  • Increased productivity with advanced screen space, speed, and performance
  • Multiple monitors, ample I/O connectivity, and deploy ultra-quiet install bases with fanless cooling designs; workstation-class performance without taking up desk space
  • Energy efficient, versatile, convenient
HP and AMD- a winning combination in virtualization
  • High-fidelity, no-hassle connectivity to virtualized desktops and apps with the latest client software and certifications. HP and AMD have joined forces to deliver thin client solutions that can go the distance.
  • AMD Embedded SOC processors combine a CPU, a GPU, and an I/O controller onto one die to improve data transfer rates and save space on the motherboard. These processors fit in the compact form factors designed by HP.
  • HP builds on the graphics capabilities of AMD Embedded SOCs with an expansive array of connectors that support high-definition, high-quality, multi-display video.
HP t730 Thin Client

HP’s most powerful desktop Thin Client

HP t730 Thin Client

HP t730
  • 1 x AMD RX427BB 2.7 GHz ( 3.6 GHz ) ( Quad-Core ) processor for fast and powerful performance
  • AMD Radeon HD 9000 GPU for the highest quality graphics
  • Turbo Core technology in the APU can throttle CPU action and kick it up to 3.6 GHz to run full VDI and local apps and render video to four displays
  • DisplayPort connections for up to four UHD/4K displays, or six displays with the discrete graphics card can create an efficient multi-monitor workspace
AMD FirePro Graphics for HP Workstations



AMD FirePro™ graphics are the right choice for powering machines designed for different industries. The GPU powers multi-monitor display walls, and medical, financial, design, engineering, and manufacturing workflow services.

“The AMD FirePro™ range is setting a new price-point in the marketplace for high performance graphics cards, resolutions, frame-rates, bit-depths that we would not be able to achieve with any other solution out there”    – Adam Neale, 7th Sense Design

Benefits for businesses:

  • Delivers high levels of application performance to protect your investment
  • Optimized and certified for leading workstation applications
  • Ensure ultra-high geometry performance and smooth handling of complex models. New levels of performance make these cards also a prime choice for compute-intense applications
  • Combines cutting-edge technologies, app certification and driver optimizations as well as professional-grade support to deliver an unmatched workflow experience and performance with mission-critical reliability, all at a great value.
AMD FirePro™ W4300 4GB Graphics


  • Optimized and certified for more than 100 different leading workstation ISV applications
  • AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture balances GPU compute and 3D workloads
  • Direct Graphics Memory Access (GMA) enables high throughput and low latency data transfers. GeometryBoost improves GPU processing speed of geometry data
  • Superior visual quality from four DisplayPort 1.2a outputs. You can manage your multi-display screen setup as one display with AMD Eyefinity
  • Low power consumption of <50 watts reinforced by AMD PowerTune, which dynamically monitors and manages the GPU’s power draw to enable higher clock speeds
  • The AMD FirePro™ W4300 is supported on the following HP workstations: Z240, Z440, Z640, Z840

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