Reach new heights with HP and STEAM learning

Learning Studios are a great example of STEAM learning in action. They’re designed to engage students in memorable and valuable learning experiences.

A Learning Studio is an environment where learners outline problems they want to solve and use design solutions to do so. Using technology, students can engage in activities and projects that expose them to skills and concepts like; design thinking, three-dimensional design, and social entrepreneurship.

At BT, our purpose, or mission statement, is;

To use the power of communication to make a better world

Microsoft and HP are both as passionate as we are about properly investing in education. For all of us, this investment in education is about enhancing the learning process through technology. It goes beyond the features in cutting-edge devices and products, we all focus on and promote technology as a tool used in learning environments to make the world a better place.

Sprout by HP – photography sourced from HP blog ©

Educators who’ve visited a Learning Studio have noted the behaviour and attitude difference in the pupils taking part. When you’re there, you’ll see students who:

  • Are deeply engaged in learning
  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Understand the value of other perspectives and collaboration when designing
  • Appreciate design
  • Understand that the material world we’ve created could be designed differently and improved through innovation

Learning Studios are designed for student-focused, experiential learning. They should be equipped with powerful technology for creation and collaboration. Through Microsoft and HP, educators who’ve been involved in their Learning Studios have access and contribute to the OneNote The Learning Studio Teacher’s Guide. It’s designed to support students to develop and improve their skills and competencies in:

  1. Empathy and design thinking
  2. Visual communication and design
  3. Invention literacy and maker mindset
  4. 3D design and modelling
  5. Digital storytelling
  6. Social entrepreneurship

Create your own 21st Century “maker” lab with an HP Learning Studio

Combine convertible laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s on a 1:1 ratio (devices like the HP x360 11 Education Editionwith the innovative and immersive workstation – Sprout Pro, and the HP ZVR Virtual Reality Display 3D LED 23.6″ Monitor to create the perfect Learning Studio for your students.

Add a 3D printer to your Learning Studio to bring students 3D designs and models to life.

HP x360

Why do we recommend the HP ProBook x360?

Educators and policy-makers know that personal technology and broadband access are game-changers when it comes to improving outcomes for students. However, with school budgets becoming ever-tighter, many schools lack the resources to provide the latest tech, or they think they do! And for students who face significant challenges in their home lives, access to technology inside the classroom can help to bridge the digital divide. If you’re concerned your school can’t support a 1:1 device ratio, talk to us about ComputAbility, our parent partnership programme.

Not only can it help your teachers improve their skills, get time back in the classroom and provide a wider variety of teaching tools. It’ll also benefit your students by providing personalised learning opportunities through Windows 10 and the HP School Pack.

“By empowering every student and teacher with personal technology, it opens up new possibilities for collaboration and skill-building for the future,”

said Gus Schmedlen, head of HP education.

“They will be entering a workforce where to be successful, they’ll need to work collaboratively and be able to transition from the analogue to the digital worlds seamlessly.”

Learn more about HP’s 1:1 programme at the Graham School in New York 

HP Sprout Pro, 2nd Generation – photography sourced from HP blog ©

Back to Learning Studios

If you’re looking at a 1:1 device ratio, you may be wondering why we advocate 1:1 and Learning Studios in conjunction with each other. It’s simple, students need to have exposure to many types of technology to gain different opportunities and discover new ways to learn.

What starts as a Learning Studio has real-life applications…

The team at KiraKira3D are a perfect live example of STEAM skills in business and how businesses can get more involved in education to develop the talent and skills they want to instill in their future workforce.

As an aspiring engineering student, Suz Somersall (CEO and Founder of KiraKira3D) felt that her course material was geared towards men and didn’t showcase many real-world applications. There wasn’t enough of the arts incorporated and the lesson plans “didn’t seem to further my ambitions to be an artist and designer” she said. “What I wanted was to be inspired to be creative.”

Suz Somersall
Suz Somersall – Photography sourced from HP blog ©

Following her experience, Somersall has started KiraKira Academy. One of her key aims is to close the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) by teaching students the technical skills needed to create virtual and physical products using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

KiraKira3D is now working with HP to produce a new series of approachable, video-based lessons to teach 3D design skills using the Sprout Pro because of its accessible 3D scanning and printing capabilities. Students who create 3D objects can get their designs printed on HP Multi-Jet Fusion printers and shipped to them by HP 3D print partner Shapeways.5

“We’re trying to blend art and engineering skills while also getting the students comfortable with making mistakes or going off on their own and putting their own twist on a design.”

By working together with HP, KiraKira3D want to help get a wider and more varied STEAM curriculum into classrooms, so that students (especially girls who are notoriously under-represented in STEAM roles) can master 3D design, modeling and printing skills through project-based learning. Somersall continued;

“3D printers and 3D scanners are really incredible tools for STEAM education, but we have to get this into classrooms at a really early age otherwise we miss the opportunity for engagement.”

The great thing is that Suz and HP are trying to ensure there’s a range of class content so nobody feels excluded.

KiraKira3D – photography sourced from HP blog ©

This joint approach will enable your students to:

  • Design through technology
  • Develop a 3D maker mindset
  • Embrace digital and visual storytelling
  • Collaborate through customisation of crowdsourced designs
  • Innovate and harness their skills of social entrepreneurship through the creation of prototypes

The opportunities for customisation make KiraKira3D’s approach a good fit for HP Sprout Pro. The immersive computing platform of the Sprout is uniquely suited to education, tinkering, and experimentation. It blurs the barriers between the physical and digital worlds through a fully-functional PC being combined with built-in cameras and projectors that enable 2D and 3D scanning and image manipulation.

Gus Schmedlen said;

“HP’s collaboration with KiraKira3D will bring new learning opportunities to millions of students with a special emphasis on inspiring women and girls to engage in STEM-related activities,”

HP and KiraKira3D have developed a series of video lessons for Sprout Pro by HP that are available on  Somersall’s final thought;

“We are really excited to see the things our students will create.”

Well Suz, so are we! If your students have been involved in a Learning Studio, comment below and let us know how they got on, and how it benefited you and them.

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