Get Set for Windows 10

In preparation for the launch of Windows 10, we’ve pulled together your step-by-step guide to getting the best Windows package ever; familiar and easy to use, with an improved Start menu and a fast resume process, absolutely free.

Plus, it’s packed with tonnes of new innovations including Microsoft Edge – the all new browser, as well as keeping all your personal files and pinned apps safe for you- pinned to the start menu for easy accessibility.

The Windows 10 upgrade is designed to be as easy as possible to complete, and compatible with the hardware you already use; helping to keep all your files and documents safe.

So, here’s how to upgrade;

1. Reserve



You can reserve your free upgrade in the Windows 10 app from your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 homepage.  To find the app;

Click on the small Windows logo at the right end of the task bar when it appears




  • Click “Reserve Your Free Upgrade” in the App window
  • Enter your email to confirm the reservation.
  • Now you’re all set! Once you have reserved, Windows 10 is downloadable directly to your device. But there’s no obligation- you can cancel the download at any time.

2. Install



You’ll get a notification after July 29th, 2015 once Windows 10 is downloaded onto your device.  Install it right away, or pick a better time for you.







3. Enjoy



So, there you have it! Windows 10 will be installed onto your device for free for you to use.


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