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Your Perfect Business Partner – The Fujitsu Lifebook U772

Fujitsu Lifebook


What’s the catch?

Today’s blog is a quick look at the Fujitsu Lifebook U772 Ultrabook. With most Ultrabooks being aimed at the consumer market (due to their smaller screens), Fujitsu have attempted to design one with business users in mind.

First thoughts? WOW. It’s incredibly thin and lightweight (just 1.7cm and 1.3kg), which straight away made me ask the question, what was going to be missing? Well it seems not a lot, the Fujitsu Lifebook U772 I was testing had a Core i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a 3G sim card slot, but that wasn’t the last of the surprising features.

Breaking the moldThe Slim Fujitsu Lifebook

Just look at the Ultrabook market and you’ll see it’s swamped with 13” displays, not ideal for business users, so Fujitsu have given the Lifebook U772 a 14” (1366×768) display just to make it that little bit easier to see the whole of an excel sheet.

But the display does suffer from some drawbacks. The display has a matte finish making it difficult to use in direct daylight, which might be an issue if you’re working outdoors, but for the majority of business users, the office lights shouldn’t disrupt your work.

A mobile Fort Knox

One great feature of this Ultrabook which train using, forgetful politicians will love is the numerous layers of security on board.

The Lifebook comes with Intel vPro, embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 and a biometric fingerprint scanner giving it that extra bit of security, so if you do ever leave the Lifebook lying around, your business’ plans and figures should be safe.

More ports than you can shake a stick at!

A major drawback to the Ultrabook market has been the lack of connectivity ports, this is due to manufacturers trying to keep the Ultrabooks as slim as possible, however the Lifebook seems to have all the ports you could need without sacrificing size.

It has the now standard two USB 3.0 slots, HDMI slot, mini R45 port, SD-XC card reader, one USB 2.0 slots and the sim card slot. And if that’s not enough, the Lifebook is dockable which makes it perfect if you’re hot desking.Fujitsu-Lifebook-Dock

The Duracell Bunny’s long lost relative

An important feature for many mobile business users when considering buying a new laptop is the battery life.

Well the 4-cell battery inside the Lifebook isn’t going to win any awards however it will give you a good 7 hours battery life and when you consider that it is powering a screen an inch bigger than other Ultrabooks this is definitely one of the Lifebook’s better features.

You were only supposed to blow the doors off

The only problem I found with this Ultrabook was the shallow keyboard. I found myself having to use a great deal of force (too much if you ask me) just so the key stokes would register.

This might just be me but I would have preferred the keyboard keys to have a little bit more travel in them, if Fujitsu was to fix this small drawback then the Lifebook would be a sure fire winner.

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