Engage students in new fun ways with Minecraft: Education Edition

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Wouldn’t your students love to play their favourite game whilst learning?

As a child, playing games was one of the most exciting, inspiring and addictive activities around, and I for one could never wait to finish my school work so I could play for hours on end. Now imagine if your students favourite game was also integrated with their education, how much more passionate and involved would they be? Minecraft Education holds the answer to this enormous opportunity. The game brings the classroom and curriculum to students in an environment that they’re already comfortable with. It’s designed so that students can work together in teams to solve problems, or even as a whole class. An open learning environment like Minecraft allows students the freedom to experiment and challenge themselves. Much like in real life, there are no step-by-step instructions – students must try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want.

Using Minecraft to teach part of their curriculum has already helped educators to improve student engagement, collaboration, creative exploration, and tangible learning outcomes. Could this be the next major step in education?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the planet. Since its launch in 2009, the game has sold over 100 million copies! Educators and developers saw an opportunity where they could take one of today’s most beloved games and turn it into a platform for learning – this is where Minecraft: Education Edition was born.

Minecraft has a unique advantage that it reaches any student, as not only an open world game – but now with the new Code Builder tool, as a gateway to coding as well. Not only can a student learn to code, but they can also learn about their favourite subject through pre-made lesson plans; from English & Maths, all the way to Computer Science, whilst having tonnes of fun.

What can you do in Minecraft: Education Edition?

The thing with Minecraft is that the possibilities are literally endless. The game has an ever expanding world and unlimited resources, but most importantly it has the power to take a child’s imagination to the next level.

  • Effectively communicate learning objectives in-game through many pre-made lesson plans that are free to use and easy to adopt into your school’s curriculum.
  • Assess and reflect – The camera and portfolio allow students to take screenshots of their work and document their progress.
  • Immersive Learning – Non-Player Characters act as tour guides in the game, extending learning by linking to additional resources.
  • Classroom Collaboration – Students can work together in pairs or groups simply by joining their classmates’ world.

Take a look at this Economics lesson’s learning objectives to see how Minecraft can help a student not only learn Economics, but love Economics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define productive resources.
  • Give examples of natural, human and capital resources.
  • Apply the use of productive resources as they build a house in Minecraft.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the use of productive resources can enhance or diminish end products.

This lesson will help a student to learn and understand the definitions of resources and analyse their use, whilst building a home within Minecraft. I bet this would have kept you more engaged whilst you were learning Economics, wouldn’t it?

There are many, many more pre-made lesson plans made by other educators/developers that have full case studies, learning objectives, student activities, additional learning resources and full discussion/feedback threads at no additional cost.

Coding for creativity

Coding is and will be one of the most important aspects in your student’s future, as every day the world is getting more technologically advanced. Minecraft: Education Edition is a great way for a child to learn coding effectively with well-known coding programmes/java scripts. Through Code Builder, students connect to popular learn-to-code platforms and engage deeply with computer science concepts as they design and create.

Watch the video below to see how:

Learn more about Code Builder – https://www.businessdirect.bt.com/mini-sites/future-proof/coding#minecraft 

Getting it is simple!

Minecraft is easy to run and your computer doesn’t need to be very powerful. It’s simple to download, allowing for more classrooms around the world to get involved.  Have a look at the tech specs below to see if you can adopt Minecraft today.

Minimal Tech Specs:

  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows 10
  • Intel HD Graphics or AMD Radeon HD Graphics with OpenGL 2.1.
  • HDD: At least 200MB for Game Core and Other files.
  • Java 6 release 45.

Minecraft: Education Edition is available to purchase through volume licencing. Microsoft also offers a free trial where users will have a limited number of logins – 25 for teachers and 10 for students – before a paid license will be required to continue playing.

You can also now receive a one-year free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition when you purchase a new Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 S device for your school!1

What to do now?

Minecraft: Education Edition is a huge opportunity for educators who really want to increase the level of engagement with their students and improve their collaboration on projects with classmates. Minecraft is easy to track as you can get your students to document their work and share it with the class easily,  ensuring that every student is getting involved. Really see the passion from your students as they learn through gaming and seriously improve their learning outcomes in the process.

If you’d like to know more about Minecraft: Education Edition:

Visit our website – https://www.businessdirect.bt.com/mini-sites/microsoft-in-education#minecraft  

Or ring one of our Education IT Specialists for free, friendly advice – 0870 429 3020


Things you need to know

  1. Free one-year free subscription when you purchase a new Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 S device for your school. Offer is valid from July 1st 2017 until January 31st 2018. Office 365 Education account and internet access required. To redeem your subscription go to https://info.microsoft.com/Minecraft-Education-Edition-Signup.html

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