Arts and Music Academy Special

Be creative with tech

My last two blogs have covered how you can use technology to teach both sports and languages. However, with arts and music, it’s not a case of teaching, more encouraging with technology. Students who have the right tools and technology have the opportunity to create anything they wish. They can use their imagination and with software like Windows Ink and GarageBand, the world is their oyster when it comes to being creative. Continue reading Arts and Music Academy Special

SonicWall are capturing the world’s latest malware so you can Fear~Less

If you need proof of how effective SonicWall’s Capture Lab is then look no further than the recent malware attacks that hit the UK. WannaCry Ransomware attacked in May and NotPetya hit the UK in the last month. Both of these malware attacks caused catastrophic damage to many organisations including the NHS. Now, with recent information stating that the attacks on the NHS could have been easily avoided, it is so important, now more than ever, to make sure you are protected. With that in mind, many SonicWall customers with active security subscriptions were largely unaffected.

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Language Academy Special

A connected world

Today, the world is more connected than it’s ever been. It’s as easy to talk to someone on the other side of the world as it is your next door neighbour. You can call someone using social media, apps or telephone using wi-fi, 4G or a standard telephone line. This should be seen as a major positive however, some people say it’s making young people today less confident and can affect their social skills. Instead of talking to friends, family and others face to face, they hide behind text messages.

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