Which Dell device is best for your school?

Latitude Laptops and Ultrabooks

A suite of products that nurture student-led learning

All Dell EMC’s Latitude devices make learning together easy. Students can collaborate and work in groups with these flexible and agile devices. Whether taking them with them around the classroom  or laying them flat to share the high-quality screens – it’s easy for students to learn on the go, with their friends.

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How to Deploy, Control and Protect Your IT Systems

You’ve got the right technology; laptops, tablets, desktops etc. But do you know that they’re being used safely and securely? It’s now easier than ever to give your pupils their freedom with devices while still being in control.

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Get hands-on with coding

Enable your students to gain practical experience of controlling technology through coding

Following on from my previous blog about introducing coding into your classroom, this blog will cover the next step you should be taking – getting hands-on with coding. Once you and your students have the knowledge, it’s important that you put it into practice in real life situations, as this is what will help to prepare your students for the future workplace.

Once you’re feeling a bit more familiar with the subject, there are plenty of devices which you can use to get more practical experience with coding. These will get your students using real programming languages, and interacting with technology like they would in real work-life situations. Some of the best ones even include worksheets, lesson plans, and gamified learning platforms; everything you need to easily teach coding in a fun and interactive way. Getting hands-on, and being able to see what they’re creating through coding, will get your students more engaged and provide them with the skills they need for their future careers.

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