New eco-friendly printers from Samsung

Samsung printersSaying a printer is eco-friendly may sound like an oxymoron, but we all know that in reality, we need to print documents from time-to-time. The key is to ensure that when we do need to print something, the printer we’re using is as environmentally friendly as possible. We recently started listing Samsung’s new Mono Laser Printers ML-5510ND/ML and ML-6510ND. These new printers are packed with features that you’ll find useful (such as fast 700Mhz processors to churn through documents quickly, high capacity toner cartridges, a numeric keypad for document security, or Samsung’s web-based management console, SyncThru Web Services), but it was their green credentials that really stood out to us.

Aside from the usual low energy usage components that modern IT equipment uses, these new printers have an aptly named ‘ECO button’, which, whenever pressed, automatically changes a range of settings on the printer to be more economical. These settings can be defined by the system administrator, so you can find that balance of eco-friendliness vs. print  quality that your business requires. For example, pressing the ECO button could force duplex or 2-up printing (where two pages are printed on one sheet), while also lowering the amount of toner used by up to 30%. The Samsung Result Simulator expands this further by providing a graphic representation of how much you can save on your Carbon Footprint, power consumption and paper usage, with each of the options available. That’s a cool feature.

Adding in the high print volumes from each toner cartridge – up to 30,000 pages – you can be green and save money. According to Samsung’s Graham Long in a recent article on eWeek Europe, up to 1/5 of an organisation’s annual IT budget is spent on printing. That’s a considerable chunk, which may come as a surprise to you. And with the bulk of your printing costs being made up of the consumables (toner, paper etc.) rather than the printer itself, it is in your interest as a business to take a green approach to printing.

If you have any questions about how you can be more green in your printing, get in touvh tofay.