Toshiba R8 Series review

Toshiba R8Mobile working has been a hot topic this month. With more and more businesses investing into this new way of working, laptops are becoming a necessity – not just for the work place but for home use as well. Here at BT Business Direct we’re excited about the launch of the new Toshiba R8 business class laptops. Toshiba say “The R-Series isn’t just perfectly portable, it also offers a range of integrated mobility features to keep your remote workers connected and your business moving forwards” We thought we’d check it out for ourselves and see if it lived up to this promise, here’s a list of our top 5 favourite features:

  1. The laptops are available with 2nd generation Intel® Core processors, these are known for their smart multi-tasking capabilities and giving extra performance on demand. This means that you get a smooth and fast performance and you don’t have to worry about freezing and overheating.
  2. An extended battery life (of up to 10 hours) means that you don’t have to panic when you forget to pack your charger, the laptops can run all day without needing a regular recharge.
  3. Built in Wi-Fi, optional embedded mobile broadband, and advanced business connectivity features means you can stay online and connected even whilst on the go.
  4. The laptops are extremely compact and light so there’s no need to worry when carrying it on long commutes.
  5. The laptops feel really robust, Toshiba say that the casings are made from durable materials such as magnesium or high-stiffness resin and include innovative inbuilt honeycomb structure and durable hinges, I’ll have to take there word on the resin and honeycomb bits but can vouch for the fact that these laptops feel tough enough for even the busiest mobile workers.

If you have any questions about the series, please tweet us @BTBizDirect and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For further information on the R-Series and other products from Toshiba please click here.

Mobile Working and the Importance of Security

remote working securityIf you’re anything like me and are part of a business that promotes remote working, it may be worth brushing up on the dangers of this flexible new way to work.

Laptops, smartphones, cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are a few of the technologies that have allowed smaller businesses to gain access to high-end features that allow them to compete against larger enterprises.

Mobile working can save time, bring costs down, reduce stress levels, enhance productivity and make workers happier, making them feel more relaxed as they are able to work in a more flexible way. While embracing the flexibility of mobile working, it is important to consider the dangers that may come with it.

Risks of mobility:

IT managers are able to stop unauthorised applications, instant messaging services and web-based email accounts in the office but how can they keep the same level of control when contractors are logging in from home?

Remote workers may resist IT manager rules when they are asked to make changes to their home computers or given restrictions on what they can and cannot download.

With cybercriminals finding more diverse methods to nudge users to malicious websites it’s important to have the correct security solutions in place. Without them, a user’s personal computer could redirect viruses to the corporate network. There is also the threat of connecting to the office from an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot such as a coffee shop.


URL filtering monitors and blocks access to unauthorised sites, enforces access policies and prevents access to certain file types such as MP3s.

A somewhat costly option to solve these issues is to provide workers with laptops accompanied with security solutions that can still be controlled from the office to ensure compliance and a safe computing environment.

There are lots of security packages out there for businesses. Symantec offers a range of services which you can read more about by clicking here.

Getting our teeth into the Honeycomb OS updates.

Google HoneycombEvery year, the great and the good from Google gather at its web developer conference to discuss the latest developments in Google web applications. This year’s conference was full of tasty updates, including the announcement of some small but important improvements to its tablet software Android Honeycomb OS which is available on a number of tablets including the Acer Iconia.

There are three main enhancements, the first of which is noticeable improvements to speed and usability in the browser – pretty essential when you consider that accessing and browsing the web is a key function of any tablet. Second, Google has introduced technology to automatically shut down and restore apps to help you reserve resources and memory, a useful feature for your multi-tasking needs.

Third and perhaps the most significant of the improvements is the extension of the USB and Bluetooth parameters will allow users to plug in multiple input devices like keyboards, mice and even gaming peripherals like the Xbox 360 gamepad. What’s more, Google has brought together key manufacturers to commit to a minimum of 18 months support for their devices meaning that each new release will be guaranteed to remain current.

With these new additions, it could well be argued that Xoom, the pioneer tablet for Android Honeycomb OS, is capable of giving the iPad a run for its money. It is game changing steps like these that could mean we begin to see more businesses make the transition from laptop to tablet….