Cisco Umbrella for Education

Cisco Umbrella is the smarter way to protect your students and staff. Thousands of schools, colleges and universities are now relying on Cisco Umbrella for web filtering and security that protects all their devices.

How Cisco Umbrella works

Cisco Umbrella is the latest in cloud security. It helps protect against intruders, attacks and breaches in your system. It works as an internet security gateway to secure your institution’s network against malware, phishing and ransomware. Umbrella screens the websites your staff and students are accessing, letting your users connect to but denying access to, for example.

As the gateway between the internet and your school’s system, Umbrella blocks malware attacks before they cause any damage. It will uncover and block any website addresses or IP addresses that may put your network at risk.  Cisco Umbrella is built with the intelligence to discover and identify threats before the attack is even launched.

View a walkthrough of the Umbrella dashboard.

Why Cisco Umbrella for your school?

With nothing to download or install, Umbrella is the absolute favourite web security service for schools. More schools are incorporating 1:1 programs, tablets and mobile devices to their lessons. Umbrella enables IT administrators to seamlessly extend internet security to users on and off the campus.1

Umbrella’s no-manual-required, easy deployment means the service can easily be up and running in minutes. Making it perfect for schools as it keeps downtime to a minimum and does not disrupt the school day.

Easier to implement at a cheaper cost

Schools are usually on a tight budget and must try to get more for their money. With Umbrella’s cloud-based service, schools receive a great security solution that helps them with child internet safety compliance at a lower cost than on-site solutions. Deployment to an entire local authority or academy trust takes less than 30 minutes. All the management is done through the web-based dashboard, reducing the amount of effort and time wasted by IT staff.

Protect your students online and ensure internet safety

With so much harmful content out there on the internet, it’s important to ensure you have the right solution to keep your students and pupils from accessing any damaging or unsafe content. Umbrella helps with compliance regulations that protect students from harmful online content. Umbrella is an easy way to help with  child internet safety compliance necessary for Ofsted.

Keep students safe whilst on the internet

The internet is used in nearly every classroom, every day and plays a vital part in the Key stage 1-4 learning environment. It’s essential that you can control internet access. Umbrella’s web filtering allows you to easily enforce your school’s acceptable use policy. And, because Umbrella is cloud-based, it protects all devices on the network instantly. Unlike other content filtering services where you have to install software on every machine.

Protect students and school computers from the latest internet security threats

As we use the internet more and more in classrooms, the risk of suffering a security breach increases. Security threats are becoming more sophisticated and it’s down to you to ensure your student’s devices are as secure as can be.  IT administrators are spending more time cleaning devices that have had virus downloaded or malware installed accidentally. This leaves them with less time to enable a productive learning environment. Umbrella provides an effective layer of protection to prevent malware and threats from infecting machines which save schools both time and money.

Internet security for higher education

Numerous leading universities, like the George Washinton University, are now using Umbrella. It’s the easiest, most powerful way to protect your campus’s network. Colleges and universities want to ensure students and staff can access a fast, safe and secure internet connection. With more mobile users and security threats, it may be proving hard to secure your network effectively, safely and easily. Cisco Umbrella may well be your answer. Here’s why…

Simple to deploy and easy to manage

Umbrella’s cloud-delivered service can be deployed across an entire multi-site university in a matter of minutes. With no impact on any of your students’ or staffs’ day or connection. There is no hardware or software to install. Simply point DNS to Cisco Umbrella.

Universities often need faster broadband with larger bandwidth to make learning and researching seamless and easy. With students submitting projects, dissertations and other important, large files and projects, the internet needs to work flawlessly with no interruptions.

Other internet security services may take up significant bandwidth with traditional, large, on premise hardware which needs downloading or connecting. This could take days and usually disrupts connections. With Cisco Umbrella, there is no added latency, extra upgrade costs or additional points of failure.

Cisco Umbrella’s unique approach to security lets colleges and universities offer a secure but open internet environment through a layer of protection that prevents malware and threats.

“We have seven sites throughout South and East Los Angeles, and when our teachers or administrators request changes, it’s imperative that the educational process isn’t obstructed because of a delay in applying those changes. The Umbrella dashboard allows us to make changes to any of our sites from any device where we have an Internet connection.”

Matthew Peskay | Director of Technology | KIP LA Schools

“Our previous content filtering solution was the Achilles heel for the network. Anytime it had a performance problem it was felt everywhere since all HTTP traffic went through these appliances. With Umbrella we no longer have to worry about performance or scalability.”

Jeff Letourneau | Executive Director | University of Maine System

Umbrella Customer Experience: George Washington University

Mike Glyer, Director of Information Security Services, explains how George Washington University uses Cisco Umbrella to keep their very sensitive student and research data safe.

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  1. Only works on Mac & Windows devices

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