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Incoming: The 2nd generation of tablet PCs

The next generation of Tablets

To use the word of one analyst I know, 2010 was the year of the tablet. If that was the case, then what is 2011? Well, I expect he’d say it’s the year of even more tablets. If you consider the launch of the iPad as the beginning of tablets (yes I know tablets were around before then, but you get where I’m coming from) then the industry is still not even a year old. So if you’re considering using tablets in your business, what should you look forward to in 2011?

More choice – the iPad is still the dominant tablet out there, by quite some margin. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was the first serious contender to the iPad, and it only came to the UK in November 2010. But it’s opened the flood gates. Look out for a flood of ‘serious’ new tablets from all the major manufacturers this year, such as RIM’s PlayBook or HP’s WebOS Tablet.

More power – It’s all about dual-core tablets in 2011. Tablets sporting Intel’s new dual-core Atom chips are expecting to start shipping at the beginning of this year. Coupled with all the usual enhancements you could expect – such as more RAM or memory – the next generation of tablets should be very powerful indeed.

Less money – With all this new competition in the market and the expansion of the global tablet market as a whole, you can expect tablets to get more affordable in 2011. A decent tablet will never be cheap, but the competition will be sure to lower the prices a little.