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Built for Business

Built for businessWe love a good deal as much as the next person, but when it comes to something as important as your business it’s important that you make the right IT choices to suit your business needs and environment. Business owners tend to play with the idea of opting for consumer products rather than those that are built for business because they tend to be cheaper. Short term costs versus long term savings is definitely something to consider, along with compatibility, security and reliability. Below are a few elements you should consider before buying or upgrading the technology in your office space.


There is no doubt that buying or switching over to new technology can give your business a great competitive edge. It can not only increase productivity and extend mobility but it can even give you some spare hours in your regular work day.

All of this doesn’t mean that the process is stress free, but with products that are built for business it can be. Most business products are compatible with hundreds of the top business applications so that each new product fits into your current set-up and business environment seamlessly.

Software and integration testing is often a big part of all business products. Feedback generated from the field makes it easier to improve software and make it more reliable and easy to use for business at a high quality, which may not be the case for consumer products.


It is becoming increasingly important for small businesses to protect their IT systems. According to the British Government, 84 percent of companies rely heavily on their IT systems. While most small businesses protect themselves against threats to their data and systems, 45 percent have suffered some kind of security problem. Business products often help small businesses improve their IT security by managing assets, backing up data and online protection. HP have outlined a few best practices successful businesses deploy to protect their sensitive data.


Products such as netbooks are great for on the go computing, however the features may be limited for everyday business use. Many business products come armed with innovations that help to protect your hard drive, keep your applications running quickly and keeping your data safe. When considering buying a laptop it is important to consider a few key components before deciding on a purchase.

Selecting the right IT for your business is important – if you are looking for cost saving alternatives such as consumer goods, remember to consider the pros and cons. More importantly, evaluate the long term savings for your business rather than the short term costs.

HP are so confident that you will find their products right for you and your business that they are offering you the HP Business Promise. HP promise that you will find their ProBooks and Elitebooks unbeatable for, compatibility, security and reliability, If you don’t, HP will give you your money back!*

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* terms and conditions apply, refund will be given on return of your HP qualifying product

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