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Our BT and Microsoft SEND Festivals were a roaring success!

It’s vital that you have the right tech in place to support your students with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)

At BT, we’re passionate about helping to remove barriers to learning for students and ensuring that every student gets the same opportunities for learning. Modern technology has provided us with the means to do this, even enabling students to take part in lessons and activities which previously would have been impossible for them.  From the conversations we’ve been having with our education customers, we’ve found that they appear to be fully clued up on assistive technology which helps students work around their disabilities and assists them in everyday life, such as hearing devices. However, we’ve also found that they’re less aware of technology which helps students with learning difficulties, or attention and behaviour disorders, to improve their learning and increase engagement. So, we decided to do something about it and set about raising awareness within schools about how technology can help.

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Collaborate and Educate

Collaboration can be the key to student engagement and success

In the workplace of the future, collaboration is going to have a big part to play. More and more work will become multi-disciplined and therefore will involve working collaboratively with people who have skills in different fields. According to the National Careers Service1, employees are looking for – and lacking- candidates with skills such as decision making, flexibility, and problem-solving; all skills which can be developed and nurtured through collaborative learning. It seems that currently, schools just aren’t preparing their students with these sought after collaboration skills. Of a number of teachers surveyed –

  • 95% said that the ability to collaborate is important and second only to problem-solving skills2
  • 91% believe that educators need to formally learn how to foster collaborative skills2
  • 87% believe that learning how to collaborate should be included in the curriculum2

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Get hands-on with coding

Enable your students to gain practical experience of controlling technology through coding

Following on from my previous blog about introducing coding into your classroom, this blog will cover the next step you should be taking – getting hands-on with coding. Once you and your students have the knowledge, it’s important that you put it into practice in real life situations, as this is what will help to prepare your students for the future workplace.

Once you’re feeling a bit more familiar with the subject, there are plenty of devices which you can use to get more practical experience with coding. These will get your students using real programming languages, and interacting with technology like they would in real work-life situations. Some of the best ones even include worksheets, lesson plans, and gamified learning platforms; everything you need to easily teach coding in a fun and interactive way. Getting hands-on, and being able to see what they’re creating through coding, will get your students more engaged and provide them with the skills they need for their future careers.

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