App of the week – SparkNotes

Name: SparkNotes

Age: suitable for 11+

Available on: everything – log in through browser

Help your students to easily understand their exam texts

SparkNotes is a great resource for both students and teachers. When students are struggling to understand textbooks, books or literature, SparkNotes makes it easier. It helps students to understand the stories their reading, write essays about them and study for exams. As well as highlighting key events and characters.

The aim of SparkNotes is to make sense of the confusing things that come with Shakespeare, literature and texts from other subjects. SparkNotes was created by a group of graduates who have taught, analysed and evaluated the books that students are tested on in exams today. Taking the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. SparkNotes has options to read the context, read the plot overview, a character list and an analysis of the major characters. There’s then important quotes from the book explained, key facts and study questions and essay topics explored.

SparkNotes covers all the major subjects and topics that could be included in exams. Making it really easy for students to understand the book and what they’re expected to know. There’s also a separate section for Shakespeare, that lists all his plays and separates each play into characters, acts and scenes.

With a large A-Z of authors, your students should be able to find the text they need and all that comes with it.

From Biology to Sociology

SparkNotes covers a range of subjects from Biography to Sociology. When you explore the History section, there’s many topics and events that are covered through European and American History. As you click deeper into the topics, like World War 2, you can explore summaries, analysis, key people and terms and even quizzes on the subject.

Help your students to revise and understand texts that they may be struggling with.

Find out more about SparkNotes here.

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