App of the week – Kahoot!

Name: Kahoot

Age: 6+

Available on: On the web, iOS and Android

Download from: App Store and Google Play

Kahoot! is a great new way to make learning more engaging. ‘Kahoots’ are fun learning games that you can create in minutes. You can enter a series of multiple-choice questions, add videos, images and diagrams and create engaging new games for in the classroom. Besides building your own Kahoots, you can search through millions of existing games that cover topics like English comprehension, Maths and Science, to name a few.


Kahoot! is best played in a classroom or large groups. The main game will be displayed on a shared screen like a TV or eboard, whilst students play along on their own tablets or laptops as control pads and to submit their answers. Kahoot! creates a ‘campfire moment’ which encourages the players to look up, confer and celebrate together after answering questions or finishing a game.

Learning together cannot only make lessons more engaging but encourages leadership skills and encourages pupils to engage in discussions and debates. Kahoot! also gives students to opportunity to create and share their own Kahoots with players in the same room and all over the globe.

With Kahoot! you can now make homework more fun with the mobile app versions. You can assign Kahoots for students to do at home. Playing at home on a phone is great for revision and reinforcement, and enhances their learning experience outside the classroom. All you have to do is share the link or PIN with your students and start making homework cool.

The great thing about setting homework with Kahoot is it keeps track of your students scores and answer so you can look back over them afterwards.

Key features
  • Play learning games with the whole class
  • Set homework on the new app
  • Quiz students on different topics
  • Make your own quizzes
  • Choose ready-made quizzes for all different subjects
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