App of the week – Endless Learning Academy

Name: Endless Learning Academy

Age: 2-6 years old

App available on: App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store

Introduce learning to younger students with the lovely little Endless monsters. Your pupils will have the chance to learn across broad and growing curriculums whilst having fun. There are lots of interactive puzzles that let your pupils see, hear and feel words and concepts come to life. And, there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. So your students can interact with the app at their own pace.

Endless Learning Academy includes thousands of interactive learning activities covering:

  • ABC’s
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • 123’s
  • Counting
  • …and much more

Endless Reader

Endless Reader is a great way to get your students learning whilst having fun. Introducing ‘sight words’; the most commonly used words in schools, libraries and books, has never been easier. The app gets children recognising words by sight in order to enhance reading skills and help fluency.

Recognising sight words can be difficult as these words are usually ones that cannot be represented with pictures or using phonics knowledge. Using endless reader helps children put the words into context with adorable little Endless monsters. Each word that comes on the app features an interactive puzzle with letters that come alive. See words like “dog” as a barking dog and the word “up” reaching for the sky. This great visual way of learning taps into students subconscious mind and they’ll soon start associating the letters and words with their meanings.

Endless Numbers

Maths and numbers can be daunting and confusing when young people first start to learn them. Make them more interesting and fun with a little help from the Endless monsters. Number animations reinforce number recognition, quantity and counting. There are interactive number puzzles which reinforce basic numeracy skills and the animations provide context and meanings.

Endless Alphabet

Use Endless alphabet to build your child’s vocabulary. With over 70 words to learn and play with you can teach your pupils the sounds and letters they need to begin to read. There are word games that teach letters and animations to teach children word definitions in a fun and engaging way.

Endless Spanish

You can now introduce a language to your students from the earliest age. The little Endless monsters are a great way to keep children engaged while learning Spanish. The animations show children what the words mean, while the interactive word puzzle features letters that come to life. The Word puzzles reinforce vocab and spelling while sentence puzzles teach definition, usage and sight recognition.

Find out more about Endless Learning Academy here.

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