App of the week – Drawp for school

Name: Drawp for school
Age:  Any age
Available on: iPad and Android


Drawp is an exciting creativity tool with built-in collaboration, cloud storage, and workflow management. Drawp makes learning more exciting with interactive design features. Students can turn any homework, classwork or assignment into a fun, creative activity with features like drawing, painting, voice stickers and text.

Teachers can use the app to create tasks, assignments and work. And, share them with students. Students can then complete the work which teachers can then mark and share again.

Drawp can be used across all subjects to make diagrams, photos, graphs and tables more engaging. Use the drawing feature to enhance scientific diagrams and make them come alive. You can add voice tags so students can click on the diagram and hear what certain aspects do, or you can annotate straight onto the work to provide feedback and marks.

For example, a teacher can upload a photo from a textbook of a photosynthesis diagram. You could set the task as, to annotate what is happening during the photosynthesis process or to re-draw the diagram. You can upload photos of whatever you need to, it can be textbooks, work to mark or maths problems on the board. Teachers can create worksheets by typing different questions and the students can complete these on the app and share with the rest of the class.

The app eases a teacher workload as it automatically collects, organises and stores assignments. SimpleShareTM technology allows teachers and students collaborate easily with a simple swipe. It allows teachers to create, organise, send and mark work digitally through one app. Drawp is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive and offers unlimited storage in the cloud. So, once your students have completed their work, they can upload it to the cloud with no issues or storage worries.

A teacher can set up different classes with different subjects and tasks. They can add the students safely by setting them up an account and password and passing that on to the student. Create a piece of work and share will the class easily. Teachers can even log on from a web browser to set assignments and see submissions but students can only use the app to make sure they’re secure.

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