App of the week – ClassDojo

Name: ClassDojo

Age: all ages

Apps available on: App Store, Google Play and Amazon

ClassDojo could be your new best friend. It’s a classroom toolkit filled with lots of fun and exciting new ways to engage your class by using technology really easily. Make the small tasks that take up your time easier with ClassDojo.

Make random groups of students. Set a noise level. Prepare morning announcements and more.

ClassDojo is made up of 8 tools that you can incorporate into your classroom. They’re simple tools but they’ll make lessons more engaging and will help with some of the more tedious daily tasks.


You’ll never need to repeat yourself again. With Directions you can put the tasks students should be working on up on the board. Display numbered directions for the class to see and follow. Not only does it make it easy for students to stay on track but they can refer back to the board if they forget what to do next.


You can choose to play music in the background to focus students or make breaks and free time more fun with some upbeat music.

Group Maker

Make it easier to sort students into groups, whether its pairs, threes, fours or more. You’ll never have to deal with making fair and even groups again.

Noise Meter

Show your class what you expect the noise level to be. Whether it’s whilst reading passages, doing a task or when you’re talking through a presentation.

Think Pair Share

Make discussions and problem solving more fun. Post a question on Think Pair Share for students to discuss with partners while you prepare the next classroom task.


Say goodbye to ‘pulling out of a hat’. Random helps you pick a student or volunteer, at random. The students are kept on their toes and without the need for little pieces of paper or a hat.


Let your students know how much time they have on a task and watch the clock countdown. Great for time management when writing an essay or in exam practice.


See a welcome message, agendas for the day, always have the date in front of you and make it part of your morning welcome.

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