App of the week – Book Creator

Name: Book Creator

Age:  Any age

Available on: iPad and Chrome

Book creator gives teachers and students the opportunity to create their own books, catalogues, magazines and more. Teachers can create a book or magazine, for example, artist research. Share the book with the class and give them questions to answer or ask them to make their own artist research piece.

With many different tools built into Book Creator, you can make learning fun. You can insert photos, narrate along with stories, annotate and draw over things on the page.

In English and Literacy lessons, pupils are regularly asked to showcase their different writing skills, from creating a leaflet, a guide, a newspaper article or a poster. Using a pen and paper can sometimes inhibit what pupils are trying to achieve. This is where Book Creator can come in handy. They can use the app to present their writing pieces in a better, more relevant way. They’re still using their writing skills but Book Creator makes the task more interesting and engaging.

Not only is Book Creator great for English and Literacy but it can be used in every other lesson too. Maths teachers can create their own book of equations and ask students to show their workings out and what the answer is. They’ll have the questions in front of them without having to flip through pages in a textbook. They won’t have to remember where they’re up to or remember to bring their textbook in with them. Everything is savable and shared in iBooks.

Art teachers can produce artist research, insert images of the artist into the book or magazine, add annotation, evaluation and questions. You can even have one page as a section of a portrait or masterpiece and on the opposite page, students have to replicate or annotate the piece of art. This is great for GSCE and A Level students working on.

You can input content from anywhere, students can take a photo on the iPad of their work, drawings, diagrams or real-life experiments, then insert the photo into their book to write a step by step guide to their experiment.

If you have a BYOD policy at school, you can set homework on the iPad and send the pupils home with a 4-page leaflet to create. I can guarantee you’d have a great response rate. And not as many ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuses.

For students who struggle with reading or understanding the English language, you can record feedback rather than marking. They can use the dictate button and Book Creator will read out the contents of the book. You can add playback buttons to play sounds and record comments. These features are perfect for children who maybe have English as their second language.

After students have created their book there are many ways they can save and share it. You can save it to iBooks or as a PDF and it’s easy to share with Airdrop, or email over as a pdf like you would with any other work.

Key Features

  • Create your own books to publish and share
  • Record onto your pages and bring them to life
  • Add pictures from your gallery or copy them in from the internet
  • Use the draw tool to annotate and edit your image
  • Edit text using the onscreen keyboard, and make it bigger and bolder to suit the theme
  • You can create books in portrait, landscape or square layouts
  • Draw into your book using the pen tool
  • Upload to iBooks for reading across your devices
  • Share your books with AirDrop
  • Export as PDF

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