AMD’s new A-Series processors

Whilst we’ve been talking a lot recently about the new Intel processors we don’t want to overlook AMD’s latest offering. Last month AMD announced its second-generation A-Series mobile processor, code named Trinity, which you’ll see in notebooks branded as AMD Vision A4, A6, A8 and A10. 

The all new architecture features dual or quad cores which AMD claims will offer up to a 29% improvement in productivity performance over the cores found in its predecessor, Llano. Battery life is a big focus of the new chips – AMD claims 11 hours of resting battery life and five hours of video playback. 

There’s a comprehensive comparison of the new AMD A-series versus Intel Ivy Bridge on PC Advisor, where they summarise that If you require a mobile powerhouse with the best processing performance possible, an Intel quad-core i7 will be your better bet. But if you’re a gamer or want longer battery life in your laptop, AMD has an edge over Intel. Click here to read the full review.

The A Series range will be available to buy as stand-alone components from early June so keep a look out to see exactly what HP, Samsung and other pc manufacturers will do with them.

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