8 Things to look forward to with Windows 8

With Windows 8 being released today, we thought we’d take the time to look at 8 features that will hopefully make Microsoft’s latest OS a revolution rather than an evolution. As many of you will know, Windows 8 hasn’t been designed specifically with the traditional desktop in mind.

Instead of focusing just on the office worker, Microsoft has realised that businesses and their employees need to be able to operate wherever and whenever. This brings us to the first feature that will hopefully make Windows 8 a revolution in technology.


1.       Seamless transfer between platforms

With Microsoft designing Windows 8 with a more mobile world in mind, Windows 8 is the first OS that delivers the same touch experience across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.  Making it a seamless transfer from an office to a client visit.

2.       The new Start Screen

A new feature that will greet you when Windows 8 first comes to life is the new start screen, this replaces the start button which millions have become familiar with over the last two decades.

Windows 8 Start Screen
Windows 8 Start Screen

Instead the start screen will be personalised to the users’ needs, with their favourite programs, website, people or apps in a convenient place, so they’ll spend less time looking and more time doing.

3.       Cloud Integration

With Microsoft’s own cloud, SkyDrive, being integrated into Windows 8, users will be able to send people’s contacts, files and apps to the cloud with one click, making it far quicker and simpler than before.

4.       All the apps you want

In the last couple of year we’ve all become accustom to using apps, either on iOS or Android, and these apps have helped to make our lives and work simpler and easier. Well, not one to be left behind, Microsoft have included apps into Windows 8 and according to Microsoft, apps will be at the heart of Windows 8. Including the pre-installed apps for Mail, Calendar and SkyDrive, which will work together, hopefully making the app experience a fluid one.

5.       Windows Store

With apps being at the heart of the new Windows, earlier this year Microsoft launched their very own apps store, the Windows Store.

Windows Store
Windows Store

With over 100,000 apps available, this store might not yet boast the same quantity of apps as the Apple App Store (700,000 apps) or Google Play (675,000 apps), but it will definitely have the same quality of apps, with the BBC and many other large developers already creating apps for Windows devices.

6.       Internet Explorer 10

Despite IE9 being in its commercial infancy, Microsoft have decided that for the launch of Windows 8, a new web browsing experience is needed. IE10 is optimised for touch devices as well as the familiar desktop, which means web developers can use the same HTML5 markup to build rich, interactive websites that might change the way we use websites forever.

7.       Windows To Go

One of the most exciting features that Windows 8 has to offer for a business is Windows To Go. A USB will be able to contain a full version of Windows 8 Enterprise which can be used on any PC, anywhere, simply by plugging it in. This will be a great tool for mobile workers and those who frequently hot desk, as they’ll have their personal desktop wherever they go, which could revolutionising how these employees work in the future.

8.       Built on a solid foundation

The last feature that will hopefully make Windows 8 a hit is that it’s not entirely new. Windows 8 has been built on the foundations of Windows 7, which should hopefully mean fewer bugs, when launched today.


Do you think Windows 8 will be an evolution or a revolution? Are you looking forward to any of these features in particular?
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4 thoughts on “8 Things to look forward to with Windows 8”

  1. Couldnt agree more, the reason i havent switched over to mac is the familiarity i have with windows. now thats gone whats stopping me making the move. oh yeah, the stupid prices apple like to charge.

    Come on microsoft, get it together. im pretty sure from all of the forums online complaining about certain parts of windows the main look and feel were never in question.

  2. I strongly disagree with the above two statements. Windows 8 has proved to make excellent use of our companies newer systems, not only with boot up speeds but with Windows Update notifications now giving 2 days notice, the overall smoother interface and much faster shortcuts to administrative tasks (right clicking the bottom left corner of the screen for example).
    There were a couple of members who dismissed the change at first, but after actually sitting down in a 15 minute training session, we have had a positive response.

  3. sorry to say but if your using XP, defragmenting your hard drive won’t do aniynthg for your systems speed. The reason why is that XP saves everything on the hard drive fragmented thats how it works. If your using a FAT32 hard drive defragmenting will speed up the system but XP on a Sata hard drive will not.

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