3rd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors

New Intel vPro processortsEarlier this month Intel unveiled their Core vPro enterprise processors with Ivy Bridge architecture. Intel, who last year acquired McAfee for its security expertise, have embedded security and threat management features into the hardware of the vPro processors. With features like Identity Protection Technology for adding a second layer of user authentication and Active Management Technology for remotely managing PC activities and fixing glitches these processors are quite clearly aimed at business users.

The third-gen vPros offer support for up to three external displays and enable HD video conferencing but the two features that we think will be most relevant to business are Intel® AES New Instructions and the Hardware-Assisted Virtualisation Technology

Hardware-Assisted Virtualisation – Desktop virtualisation  can improve IT security, management, and control, while reducing complexity, vPro processors include support for hardware-based security and manageability to help improve the ability to manage and secure remote desktops and laptops.

AES New Instructions  – With recent advancements in cloud computing, where personal or business-critical information leaves the traditional IT environment, a more widely usable and secure encryption standard such as AES and acceleration mechanism like Intel® AES-NI are essential.

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