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Where’s the ICT room gone?

The increased use of mobile devices in the classroom has transformed the idea of the traditional ‘ICT room’ in a school. In Smart School, Business Direct want to take you through a tour of the potential this Post-PC world can offer to your learning environment. By embracing the opportunities a mobile device presents you can create a culture of self-guided learning and promote anytime, anywhere learning. You could increase student engagement and by extension, learning outcomes.

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TechFactor 2017 Shortlist

A huge thank you to everyone who entered this years’ TechFactor competition


Updated on the 26/06/17 to include the winners

The video entries have all been watched, and the briefs have all been read. The students and teachers involved in every single one of the submissions should be extremely proud, as each entry was unique and inspiring to watch. There’ve been tears of laughter and tears of joy – but unfortunately, we couldn’t pick them all! So we’ve managed to whittle it down to our 10 favourite entries, all of which we’ll be presenting to our panel of judges next week for the final decision.

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Engage students in new fun ways with Minecraft: Education Edition

Receive a one-year free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition1

Wouldn’t your students love to play their favourite game whilst learning?

As a child, playing games was one of the most exciting, inspiring and addictive activities around, and I for one could never wait to finish my school work so I could play for hours on end. Now imagine if your students favourite game was also integrated with their education, how much more passionate and involved would they be? Continue reading Engage students in new fun ways with Minecraft: Education Edition